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Bimbo Reader Bimbofication (SuraKuraAnon's idea)

By sortimid
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I liked this concept by SuraKuraAnon so much that I wanted to make my own version:

Bimbo Reader by SuraKuraAnon

Many thanks to /d/ for their feedback which really helped me improve my work!

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God-dammit the faeries force-femmed me again

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If it wasn't the same person, it could be a couple of the girl students on campus! 
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but she looked so cute in the glasses damn,
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The first one lol
I can relate it omg XD
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In fact, I feel more like the one in first position reading that math book xD
As a scientist, a woman and a nerd, I don't know how to feel seeing this pic...
What do you wanna transmit with this?
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It's just a depiction of different stereotypes and an imaginary transformation from one to the other. Some people find that sexy. There's is no message being transmitted.
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evolution of the generation of girls summed up into one picture
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Gotta watch those fairies!  :omfg:

Or else it's a veeeery unusual mosquito!  :D 
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Glowy mosquitos are the WORST!
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Nice work! I liked how she got progressively happier~
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Beautiful changes!~
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Very nice. And this gives me a better idea than SaruKuraAnon's for the transformation!
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Wow!  This is fantastic!  I think you took the idea and improved on it.  There's so much character in there!  I'm honored to have been of any inspiration at all :) 
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I'm so glad to hear that from you!

I was worried about living up to the original. I really liked the concept and just couldn't resist doing my own take! :D
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Haha well you needn't have worried.  I love your art and style.  Though I've been around the community for a long time, I guess for all of it I really don't interact much with other artists, so this is fun!  If you ever want to do an art trade or anything, just let me know :) 
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Yeah, yours was some of the very first bimbo art I ever saw, all the way back when Mr. Grey was still active...!

We can definitely work on something! :D
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