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Finally got a webcam :D

I really hate being in a long-distance relationship, but it helps to be able to talk to him face-to-face for a change. This idea came to me during one of our conversations. It looked different in my mind... ^^;

I reeeeeeally hate using bases but the expression was sooooo hard to do so I had to reference this one: [link]
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so happy to see that im not the only one... ;) (Wink)   but i think that her and me is the the proof that luv really exist:) (Smile) 
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For me, we are taking it slow, voice chatting and all that, but not video yet, we do know what the other looks like however. This is really cute.
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da'www how cute :3
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Omg love this!! :D im a long distance relationship and and this is great ^^
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I'm in a long-distance relationship too... I felt like this really fit my relationship. Nicely done :-)
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I wish you both lots of luck!
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Thank you very much, it means a lot :-)
i believe in long distance relationships! my boyfriend lives across the country but we some how make it too. ROCK ON
He doesn't have a web-cam, so all we can do is write emails at the moment. :cry:
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Aw, I remember that stage in my relationship. It really sucks :saddummy:
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i know the feeling im glad i know now im not alone :)
i hope you two meet one day , it'll be one of the best days of your life :D
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Wish i could use a web cam... o-o
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They're not that expensive :meow:
I am in a LDR too!!
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i love this so much.....i wish that could really happen to me

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Very, very cool!!!! :) :)
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:aww: Very cute...and very well drawn ^^
...I know how hard and challenging a long distance relationship can helps to have a firm trust and belief in the one you are so very far away from...and it will hold you both together for a very long time...
.... if you only knew how similar and opposite this image applies to me ^^; ~dmg01 and I are the same...for over 8 months now....and she lives so very far away from me...
(I have a webcam...but sadly she hasn't been able to get one...-_-*sigh*......<-- this is the "opposite" part I spoke of...compared to you and your close friend),
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Aw,well I wish you two the best of luck. Hopefully she'll get one soon. And 8 months is a long time, you know? I'm sure you'll be together for longer ^^

As for your kind comment, thank you very much :3
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