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La surprise est une emotion provoquee par un ... by lulrik La surprise est une emotion provoquee par un ... :iconlulrik:lulrik 5 3 Outside derriere la vitre by lulrik Outside derriere la vitre :iconlulrik:lulrik 1 0 Age of space industry by lulrik Age of space industry :iconlulrik:lulrik 3 0 Cold dream by lulrik Cold dream :iconlulrik:lulrik 2 0 Theory of liquid rocket engines - rocket by lulrik Theory of liquid rocket engines - rocket :iconlulrik:lulrik 2 0 2018 by Caurlette 2018 :iconcaurlette:Caurlette 7 0 SVO - Moscow Sheremetyevo - Terminal F by lulrik SVO - Moscow Sheremetyevo - Terminal F :iconlulrik:lulrik 4 0 Little Prince: His Rose by CitrusFoam Little Prince: His Rose :iconcitrusfoam:CitrusFoam 2,322 106 Little / Big by lulrik Little / Big :iconlulrik:lulrik 2 0 Out of My League by Muchacha10 Out of My League :iconmuchacha10:Muchacha10 274 22 A Princess Of Jupiter by AlanGutierrezArt A Princess Of Jupiter :iconalangutierrezart:AlanGutierrezArt 199 0 A Princess of Uranus by AlanGutierrezArt A Princess of Uranus :iconalangutierrezart:AlanGutierrezArt 171 0 A Princess of Mercury by AlanGutierrezArt A Princess of Mercury :iconalangutierrezart:AlanGutierrezArt 366 0 A Princess of Saturn by AlanGutierrezArt A Princess of Saturn :iconalangutierrezart:AlanGutierrezArt 203 0 Fan Art : Basil of Baker Street by doraemonbasil Fan Art : Basil of Baker Street :icondoraemonbasil:doraemonbasil 170 11 All the happy faces by AlexNeskoh All the happy faces :iconalexneskoh:AlexNeskoh 12 18

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Before living happily ever after on the Moon,…
these poor people had to suffer without each other for a year or so.

Spent tons of money on expensive interplanetary calls.
Hey ginger
When a very good boy, an artist and a dreamer
with a sensitive heart
and a lot of inner pain

gets tired of mocking and rude comments

he pretends to be an edgy rebel kid
so that everybody would leave him alone.
dear people, a minute of your attention please =D
Today, April 20th, is this wonderful person's :iconlulrik: birthday ! A very special person indeed, very kind, interesting, unusual, and super nice ! I just want to share with the world!
happy birthday lulrik ! ;)
What's good for the soul
Pandora will turn 20 this year. You can say that she is a bit too old for dolls =D (It is, in fact, one of her favorite hobbies)
Alexandru thinks so, too, but he does not really judge her. because he loves her the way she is - and because Pandora believes that dolls (and any other things people like) are good for the soul. Because they make people happy. and because they are so beautiful.

she thinks no one can be too old for beautiful, lovely, and inspiring things ! ;) and to be honest, i agree with her
Let's find your tambourine
Question: what happens when a 13-years-old girl watches The Worst Witch (1986 TV film!) way too often?
Answer: she swoons over the character of the Great Wizard and becomes a fan of Tim Curry for many years  =D
This is Marie,… an OC I love very much but, for some reason, I don't post pictures of her too often. Too bad.
She's waving to people passing by her in a boat. Who are they, she doesn't know, but she smiled when those people waved back =D
An alternate (human) version of Generosa Mastodonte…
She and her husband. (Not sure if he's a future one, or it's a 100% alternate reality, or just a random image XD)

He's a little older than her (not too much, less than it seems. The hair color is just very light at its own =D)

There's an interesting situation: I imagine that Generosa would marry a super rich man, and everybody knows that she loves money (and comes from a rich family, herself). He's older than her, she's gorgeous. Looks like a typical marriage of convenience.

but the truth is that they got married because they loved each other's personalities, believe it or not.

Her favorite phrase to tell him is "I do love money, but money's not the reason why I love you!" And of course, he loves Rosa not just because she's beautiful. They proved it to each other many times - when either of them (or both at the same time) were having problems, hard times, when they went broke (luckily, it was temporary :XD:), and even when everything seemed so useless that they were afraid to look forward and face another day.

I think it's true love. :heart:
You can dance
An old-ish summer picture
I see so many flaws in it right now, but for some reason I feel like posting it anyway xD I'm in the 1980s mood again :D
(Please don't look at the flowers in the background, they're ugly xP)

Young version of Balthazar Bratt from Despicable Me 3 and his lady friend ;) a dance freak just like him 

Somebody really should have told that kid (in the right time) that the end of his show wasn't the end of the world
such talent and such dancing skills shouldn't die

what if he became the new King of pop instead of a villain ?

or, at least, what if he got his own spin-off and changed from a villain to an (almost) good guy, just like Gru? I think it would be really interesting to see !
Dora says maybe
For my friend whosgirl 
a promised comic ^^ I probably should have asked before posting it and letting everybody see ^^; Hopefully you don't mind :blush:

This comic is a joke!!! :lol: 

Pandora: 'Dearest Bronim, I really like you a lot, 
you're so kind and sweet.
I'd start dating you, but you know I'm taken.

I wish you married my sister and stayed with us forever!'

Bronim belongs to :iconwhosgirl:
The girls are mine =D

Bad influence
A very awkward situation: you're the only punk kid among your normal-looking friends, yet you're the only one with common sense and they are all crazy
Les herbes inconnues
'Unknown herbs' (I really don't know what kind of grass and leaves are those, they must be not from Earth! %D)
yes, sometimes I draw on paper too ;) 

This is one of the earliest drawings of Antoine and Coeur (and these… are their final designs, you can compare the changes if you're interested =D) The girl's hair was originally all pink, it was boring so I photoshopped it a little :P
Justified risk
This picture was drawn last year in spring, when I was a little ill, watching Magical angel Creamy Mami at the same time.

the guy is Hayato Kidokoro from that lovely anime, (I really liked him for some reason %D) and the girl is his, well, girlfriend I really wish he had XD She kinda looks like an older version of Lady Lovely Locks with her hair down. I'm really not sure if it's her or not, but if you believe in anime crossovers and multi-universes, then it's possibly her ;)
London on the Moon
Have you heard of The Electric Piper? It is an early 2000s cartoon which was lost for, if I'm not mistaken, 13 (!) years and only recently it was found and uploaded on YouTube. 

I've already watched this cartoon 5 or 6 times. I didn't expect to like it this much. :love: In short, it is like a cross between the Pied Piper fairytale and Yellow Submarine. the story takes place in the late 1960s-early 1970s.

The Electric Piper himself resembles Jimi Hendrix (with magical guitar!), and I really liked how someone in the Internet noticed that he also resembles a Dr Seuss character %D because he's so awesome and strange, and speaks in rhyme :lol: That's why I gave Sly (this is the Piper's name!) a Truffula tree in this picture =D 

I do like Dr Seuss and the 60s, so I just really wanted to draw fanart for this cartoon !  (even though I usually prefer drawing my own stuff xP)
 it seems to be rare and not too many people really know about the Electric Piper, which is a shame. It's a very stylish and clever cartoon with awesome music!
and yes, 'London on the Moon' is a name of one of the songs in the cartoon, my favorite :aww:

If you're interested, you can watch it here:…

January 5
a strange thing that sometimes happens: you wake up in the middle of the night,
suddenly a sad song starts playing in your head,
or you just randomly think of something sad,
and you can't sleep anymore.
(A good thing if someone is awake to comfort you)
Not asleep!
The second close friend of this girl  Crybaby by sorrriso 
Stella Zanini, the kind one. She's a summer baby (born on 25th of June), but her favorite season is winter. (I like winter too). We love winter holidays, that time of year when magic is in the air, when you feel especially cozy at home. When you meet your friends and relatives, you all sit at the table and talk, and eat, and laugh, until you start feeling a little dizzy and warm on the inside, your eyes close, but you still try your best to stay awake for just another 5 minutes. :aww: It smells of sweet tea and candles, and something yummy, like bisquits and cake.
Isn't it wonderful? =D

Happy holidays everybody ! :heart: :holly:
Better late than never
Lorenzo's performance in Piombino, year 1987. The event Edi had been waiting for with a fluttering heart. They both were 17 years old. She had a crush on Lorenzo, she dreamed of giving him flowers after the concert, and then confessing her true love to him. soon they were supposed to get married of course !

unfortunately, when she saw the guy face-to-face, something happened to her and Edi just couldn't say a word.

It took her 3 years to calm down, meet him again, explain what happened, and ask for an autograph she wanted so badly. Lorenzo was laughing for about 2 minutes, and then said, 'Better late than never!'


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Oh yes, they are very much real.  There are many videos of them on you tube.  Here is a video of the last one I had:…

Oh!  If you want to see more, just search for 'Bart Coppens' on You Tube.  He has all kinds of moths from around the world.
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