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My head is spinning faster
The world is crashing down
There are people all around me
But I can't hear a sound
And as I sit and wonder
What am I doing now
I take one look towards you
And the tears come flowing out
And as I find myself
Left here in idle hands
I wonder why I even bother
Tryin not to give into demands
The words that once endured
Are now like a gun to my head
The pin is cocked
And the brains are endured
I can't take it
I won't
I can't
Not anymore
Snapping senses
Things I've never felt before
I've never been this close to god
Yet so near to hell
Have you ever seen all your hope
Disintegrate before your eyes
Or watch the one you love
Lead you right astray with lies
Its written on your face
All though you've been burned
You don't show it, you can't
We can all see it there
Through that cold and icy stare…….  
:icontoo-disturbed:too-disturbed 0 17
Double Calla II by LiWi Double Calla II :iconliwi:LiWi 38 58 suicide note by too-disturbed suicide note :icontoo-disturbed:too-disturbed 110 44
Mature content
Getting By :iconflameinnight:flameinnight 2 6
KINGFISHERS by THEDOC4 KINGFISHERS :iconthedoc4:THEDOC4 23 79 Adreniline by THEDOC4 Adreniline :iconthedoc4:THEDOC4 2 14 Guardian by stefapock Guardian :iconstefapock:stefapock 1 8
Hold On
When the pain becomes so thick,
it fogs the road ahead.
When your heart becomes so crushed,
its strength feels mostly dead.
Take the hand of hope,
and hold on.
When the endlessly flowing tears,
will not heal the scars within.
When you surely begin to fear,
You will never mend.
Take the hand of faith,
And hold on.
When the road you're traveling,
feels mostly barren and cold.
When your heart is crumbling,
and there's no one left to hold.,
Take the hand of prayer
and hold on.
When the light ahead is fading,
and you fear you will lose your way.
When the dark is so suffocating,
Its hard to get through the day.
Take the hand of a loved one,
and hold on.  
:iconpeppermint981:peppermint981 14 27
Melt your Heart by Domyno Melt your Heart :icondomyno:Domyno 2 12
Little Boy
The little boy sits and cries.
Wondering why?
How did this happen?
How did she die?
Yesterday, fun and games
But today, only tears were made.
No tears of joy
Just tears of hate
Now waiting for his fate
The little boy sits and cries.
Waiting for his time to die.
Don't know why?
Why do you cry?
Wondering why the little boy cries
"What can I say 'sep I want to die
That's all that I had left."
That's a lie,
How could that be?
I thought you knew.
I still loved you.
:iconinpayne:inpayne 2 9
Some dreams are lost to us
Blown by the winds
Of harsh reality,
Yet it is faith
That pulls us through.
Our hearts can be broken
Torn by rough hands
Of lies and carelessness,
Yet it is compassion
That heals the wound.
The world can weaken
Shaken by pain
Of hate and ignorance,
Yet it is love
That keeps us standing.
Although Pandora's box was great
I am filled with joy
For I know
That my blessing are even greater.
:iconpeppermint981:peppermint981 5 16
i follow hard upon
                I follow hard upon-
        did you crack?
                                can you see?
        an endless liberty...
                                can you feel the icy sting?
        come on - I know you feel me-
                                with every wounce of being
:iconweiss-engel:weiss-Engel 1 1
Curious by garnetART Curious :icongarnetart:garnetART 10 4
Life The Illusion.
I walk down the street and all I see is the filth that attacks my soul. It blinds the most enlightened of people, but not me I can see clearly. All this life leads to eventual insanity. No one escapes it. If they try they are themselves labeled ill. The poor bastards can't see the truth, but I can! Scum and villainy walks the earth. This one might like to rid it from existence, but to do that is to kill off all of humanity leaving me once again alone. Solving nothing. Oh, how I long for another to become unblind so that we may share in the integrity of the undimmed. The dammed are almost a total loss, but there are those few with a glimmer of sight. Most ignore it; think of it as a brief moment of insanity. Poor dammed filth! You are the insanity!
:iconkind-killer:kind-killer 1 1
Warm Places no.11 by Ennev Warm Places no.11 :iconennev:Ennev 4 8


So Pure by adam1975 So Pure :iconadam1975:adam1975 34 31 Spring II by nighty Spring II :iconnighty:nighty 653 197



United Kingdom
Current Residence: north yorkshire
Favourite photographer: god theres so many...
Operating System: windows xp prof
Personal Quote: artistic talent is in the eye of thebeholder just like beauty
After my last journaly entry and basically being told this place isnt about receiving comments its about getting people to read i am leaving deviant art, in my opinion this place was about receiving criticism to make your work better, nobody does that, i have a lot of watchers that dont even look and a lot that wont crit for anything, and its not worth the hassle, so im going this isnt an attention seeking thing, this is a real leaving, my watch list will be emptied, i will be deleting every deviation that is currently in my inbox and i will be going

i thank the few people that actually bothered to comment

good luck with your art/poetry whatever it is you all do in the future and i wish you all happy lives

all my eviation will be removed in time in the meantime if anyone tries to take them i will find out and it will be reported


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ricardomassucatto Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2005
AntiMullet9 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2005   Photographer
wait what happened to your work?
empty-calorie Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2004
:xmas::snowflake::holly: Happy Holidays! :holly::snowflake::xmas:

have some :tp: and dont forget to :brushteeth:

:blowkiss: - Jella
dreadz Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2004
oh ok I see now who you are
I just read your note :) :hug: :smooch:
dreadz Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2004
I'm gonna miss you Holly :( I really like you as a friend and enjoy looking at your works. and will still comment on them as I did on my school account. I hope we can talk on msn can add my name sometime and we'll keep in touch. I wanna talk to you more. Please consider coming back to da. I left you great comments. and not a one was ever a mean or hateful flaming one. I hate flamers. ones that start stuff or say something mean just to get the attention. it's sick what people do in this world. oh and ignore deviant sick and deviant ritzcrackaa. they are both close minded to me no matter what. so don't waste your breath. they'll grow up someday hopefully. :hmm: would be nice
:hug: :smooch: (friendly)
suzkie Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2004
chris told to say bye-bye. goodbyeh!!!:hug:
Dark-Renaissance Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
I do want to say that I've not been to your gallery in quite some time. I just generally have fallen away from reading. No time anymore.

But I do have the time to say thank you. Thank you for always supporting me, loving the work and speaking your heart. Though it may not have been returned, that I do feel guilty about... I will say that I'll miss the love.

Thank you for loving the art. Deviant Art is about support, not about comments. Whether it means anything or not, you will be missed. And you have my best wishes in finding what YOU need in life.
Rougechick Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2004
Goodbye :hug: One last hug? ;_; Live a happy life...
Sorrows-Dreamer Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2004
:hug: you too :) take care of youirself
GoddessHexus Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2004
i bid you a farewell.
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