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Reading the Necronomicon

A young investigater reads the dreaded tome. Are the tenticals looming behind him or growing out of his back?
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Nov 24, 2003, 4:30:08 AM
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How can he read with no eyes? jk. I too feel like tentacles grip my mind when I read Lovecraft's work. So far the Dunwich Horror has gripped me like a fever but Call of Cthulhu is something I had to read three times just out of some indescribable force pulling my thoughts to it like some infernal gravity.
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You seem to get it! :D

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Featured in my journal - [link]
Hope you don't mind (:
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I dont mind at all. Thanks for the feature.
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Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
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Beautiful atmosphere!
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All hail Lovecraft,great drawing,really sums up the feel and atmosphere of the stories.keep it up.
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Thanks again! Lovecraft is the biggest influence on my art (Apart from visual artist obviously) Once he's in your head there's no getting rid of him
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This does his writing justice.
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You're welcome again.
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Lovecraft would be proud.
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That is probably the best comment I have had on this piece. Thanks!
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I know what you mean. Its like pulling teeth to get people to say something around here. You do great work. Keep it up.
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Really great kind of somber emotion to this piece, if that makes any sense. I love it, nice work.
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Thanks! I was going for a sense of gloom
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I love the darkness of this piece. The shading is really good, mate. The tentcles make for a really, really interesting composition too, almost with an odd sense of symmetry in the top half.
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Thanks! I decided to keep the tenticles within the frame of the picture for that reason
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