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Delorean DMC 12 - outer mesh

Delorean DMC 12, the outer mesh only
made with softimage 7.5
still have much to do =/

** does anyone knows how to create anisotropy maps in softimage? (to create the stainless panels thet covers the car) i would appreciate any help ^^ **
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Hi It so nice to see that Delorean became popular this days :)) I'm a big fan of this car and I also tried to model it .. twice! :) And I model in softimage too ^_^
My first try:
First try:
[link] (side)

Second try:
[link] (front)
[link] (side)

By looking at your model I already see few problems:
1.Side windows are too big especially the the height.
2.The distance between rear back lights are too small - check how small number plate area
3.The radiator is very close to the end of the bumper which is not true on real car
4.Side mirrors are very small.

But still your work impress me =))))) My last model has less polygons than yours because working with poly flow is my problem.
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thanks for the tips!
i will correct the items you pointed.

its rare to find softimage users ^^. i really liked your 2 last renders! mind if i ask how you creaed the stainless shader? :p
i like working with hipoly to create every single detail, but im horrible with the shading process =/

i made a 2nd rendering, but i just added the wheels and minor things [link]

thanks ^^
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Honestly I'm a bit noob in materials and rendering techniques. But if it helps you here is my material settings: [link]

Now about wheels you've attached to a car. Please not that wheel rims have a "coned" shape in a center like here: [link]
Front wheels has light angle while rear - high.
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wow, thanks a lot for the settings! i was expecting something much more complex
i'll put your name on the final rendering ;)

i simply cloned the front wheels to the rear and scaled on this render
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I guess those materials should be more complex than mine. This is just my experiments because I totally have no any knowledge of working with materials in a right way haha :)
And no need credits for my name - it's your work anyway even if we have same settings :) But let me know when you finish. I really excited about your work! :)
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your modelling is way more accurate ;) i'm kinda lazy at modelling, my favorite thing is rendering/shading/lighting.

Is xsi using mental ray renderer too? if so i can help you out on that part.

have you finised the wheel? i'd like to see them too.
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yeah, it uses mental ray too
im actually trying to use the T2S illumination shader [link] but its a mess with low poly. i have to subdivide it about 4-5 tiumes to have a good result

i will render everything now, just a sec ;)
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nice start :) can you show us a render without wire and smooted?

i started this car long time ago, but i didn't have the time to finish it.
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i have completly finished the mesh on the outside. now im working on the shaders, but i think i can make a simple render now ;)
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nice nice
im using the same blueprints here =]
im having terrible problems with the shaders to reach a nice steel effect, but yous is very good!
i also want to model the interior of the car. my other two cars are completly hollow and i had to choose an angle that hides the interior =/
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muito bom cara...

e nunca mexi no softimage...
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good work in progress, i`ll be waiting for a final result, keep it up
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Nice! This will be most excellent when you're done. :+fav:
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thanks a lot ^^
im working hard on thie one!
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Lookin' Good <3
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