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Songs I've Gotta Share 3 (w/ links)

Songs I've Gotta Share 3 (w/ links)

*Note: I get my information from Wikipedia or the top of my head from maybe Spotify, comments, videos, articles, random books, etc. so I'm not exactly a reliable source.* What - Broncho (2014, Indie Rock) From what I can gather about this band, they were formed in 2010 in Norman, Oklahoma. At first, it seemed to be a little loose project stitched together for fun until they passed around their demos to friends for consultation. Suddenly, the bassist of the group decided it’d be a good idea to plan shows without consent from the other members. I guess it was worth it, because this song was made in the long run. Guess their songs are also well known in commercials and maybe even in some movie(s)? I’ll have to check those out and see if they’re worth recommending, too. Room Mate - Lizzy Mercier Descloux (1981, No Wave/Worldbeat Rock) Lizzy Mercier Descloux was a self-taught musician who had a variety of artistic ventures as an artist, actress, writer, and composer. Born

Songs I've Gotta Share 2 (w/ links)

Songs I've Gotta Share 2 (w/ links)

*Note: I get my information from Wikipedia or the top of my head from maybe Spotify, comments, videos, random books, etc. so I'm not exactly an accurate source.* また明日 (alternate version) - Ogre You Asshole (2013, Indie Rock) The album it’s from is called “Confidential.” Apparently this band got its name from a drunk Eric Judy (from Modest Mouse), which the phrase is a reference from the movie “Revenge of the Nerds.” I’ve heard when they play live, they play an alternate version of their music. Pretty badass, tbh. Goodnight Tonight - Wings; Paul McCartney (1979, Disco) I’ve got nothing to say other than I associate this heavily to when I played Star Fox: Assault and on a projector of all things. John Lennon apparently didn’t care for the song, but he liked the bass. Sure, John ;-; Symphony No. 8 Finale “Symphony of a Thousand” - Gustav Mahler (1910, Classical: Romantic) Apparently Mahler didn’t even name this “Symphony of a Thousand” and it’s not of a thousand
Songs I've gotta share (w/ links): Chemistry - Arcade Fire (2017, Rock) Sunrise - Alice Ivy feat. Cadence Weapon (2019, Electronic and/or Hip-Hop??) Spring Rain - Silvetti (1975, Soul)

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rkainneHobbyist General Artist

Thank you so much for faving some of my work, watching me and the kind words you wrote. I like your stuff, too. I feel it's full of personality and so much varied content. It's telling of an imaginative and intelligent artist. I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

You're very welcome. It was my pleasure. And thank you very much. That was a very sweet gesture for you to leave (and you honestly don't have to watch me either, honest). These were very sweet things for you to say and leave and I'm honestly very glad you can appreciate my work. Thank you and stay safe and healthy as well.

RexStudio Digital Artist

Thank You for the Favs,I guess DA is not quite dead.

You're very welcome. It can't be dead with art like yours waiting to be faved. Good on you to still be on here, btw.

Dystopia-MaximaHobbyist Photographer

Thank you so much for the favs and the watch!


You're very welcome!

DarmograeffNew Deviant

Thank you for the fav!