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graz - II

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Congratulation! This fine infrared photo is featured in #r72 Journal as Best of Sept. 2012! -->> [link]
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This is...breathtaking~ :heart:
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Very good rhythm of light and shade.

Neat Work

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Thanks alot :)
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tones are very much to my liking! :w00t:
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Hehe thanks ;)
I finally get along with D90, took alot of trial and error to get pleasing results!

And, ehm, I sold the 16-85... The samyang 8mm is now again the only lens in my setup, and i love that :)
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why did you sell it? :o money issues or was it the lens's fault?
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Hmm, the lens was just not the right thing for me. I had a hard time composing because the zoom made me insecure and I rearranged the composition again and again and again. That kinda sucked...
So for now I bought the Samyang 85mm 1.4 :D
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Gotta post some samples! :nod:
Wouldn't buy a manual focus f1.4 myself though - the samyang 14mm would have been a better choice IMO for you. And I hear that they have a 24 f3.5 PC lens in the pipeline as well. Surely a gap in the market - affordable PC lenses, esp on the wide side, that's something that Nikon lacks. Canon at least has a 17 mm PC (also great for IR - check ~ericbb ) although not in the affordable price range.
(now with the rumors around about the 24MP 16bit FX Nikon D600 at 1500USD at Photokina 2012, I have my eyes on some affordable FX lenses... ;) )
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I actually bought the Samyang to try some bokeh-infrared-photograhy. Haven't seen any of those yet, maybe its for a reason^^...

And you are really after the D600. For me its a total nogo since the body itself will be cheap. I'd defintily prefer a next-gen D300s instead of a cheap FX body. Maybe its because I dont get the FX idea yet. Bigger sensor, better quality, ok, but the price is, hmm, a dealbreaker^^

Actually I wanted to buy the 14mm Samyang, but I wanted a portrait lens^^ first. But the 14mm will is the next thing on my wishlist :)
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From what I've read, the D600 will basically be a D7000 with a tweaked D3X sensor. And as the D7000 is (in terms of features) at the level of the D300 series (real mirror lock up, AF microadjustment, AI-lens support, etc), just smaller and lighter (less aluminium), I doubt cheap would mean highly stripped down. The price difference between the D7000 now and the upcoming $1500 D600 (if it's true) is not much, not more than a DX D400 would be.

The real difference is in the upgrade of all the rest in the camera bag: Lee filter system with 5-6 Lee filters and Cokin color X sized filters, Samyang 14mm, Nikkor 16-35 f/4 VR. Later the 50 1.8 AFD would be upgraded for AFS, and the 28 1.8 and 85 1.8 AFS lenses are too sweet to pass too. :) Basically everything had to go I use now. Only the 105 Sigma macro could stay. The 70-300VR is poor on FX, so it had to be upgraded for the 70-200f/4 VR later as well (which I think will be announced along the D600 as the last part of the f/4 zooms)... Not to speak from the IR setup - why keep the 16-85VR + 10-24 lenses with the DX D90, when I could highly reduce the size/weight of the bag with an FX-visible + FX-IR camera combo? (D600 + D700/D600?) Aaaand, there's currently no midrange zoom from Nikon that's good in IR as well, except for the 1kg 24-70 f2.8 monster lens. Nooo, that thing is not for my back and wrists! Oh, and a new tripod for the heavier wide lens (carbon fiber preferably) wouldn't hurt either...

To sum up: FX is a b*tch! :D
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Hahaha, you made my day^^ But its true, upgrading to FX is freakin expensive... Lets see what photokina will bring us :)
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ein wunderschöner Moment :+fav:
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