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Undyne Costume

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Introducing a new OC, Ilan, dressed as Undyne for Halloween! He's Elijah's older brother by 3 years (Elijah being another OC of mine) and joined the military right out of high school. I figured Ilan wouldn't spend much time putting on blue makeup all over his skin, so he'd have some very patchy coverage. Also, he's wearing a wig. (Honestly, he would just want a super simple costume, and Undyne's tank top and jeans fit the bill XD)

This is my entry for this contest by pettaletta101 and Rosy808. The theme is to draw your OC in a Halloween costume of any kind.

Tagging aki-kurosai for someone who might want to join. Deadline's is Nov. 15.
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UU he handsome!

And I think you just found the most perfect skin color to go with red hair! *u*

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Thank you!! I'd originally made the skin entirely teal, but then the red stood out too much, so I added some natural skin tone back in and it goes a lot better :D

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It looks awesome!

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ohhh i can tell theres some sort of story behind elijah and ilan, im curious Eyes Emoji

but yessss undyne!! and love the angle, and the spear!!! looks awesome!! and the shading/lighting on the clothes!!! <3

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Thank you!! I rediscovered just how much I love drawing flowy hair and how you can actually get strong shadows in digital art (unlike with watercolour) :D

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He's got the look of someone who could juggle truck tires, which is something I can imagine Undyne doing as a warm-up. :giggle:

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Haha, definitely :D

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