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Started out as a study of this artwork by Kelogsloops, then decided to go wild with the colours :D (Big Grin) I realised a little too late that the yellow flowers look a bit too much like the Walmart logo, but oh well Sweating a little... Hope you like it!
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Hey there! Found this piece through ProjectComment hope you find this useful!

My favourite part of this piece is the colours and how you merge them :love: You kept it simple using just magenta, cyan and yellow in separate elements... yet the shading you used gives lots of depth to the elements! The T-shirt looks amazing with those slightly different cyan-aquamarine tones mixed together, but I think where your work really excels is in the face! The ever so slightly shadow in the cheek, plus the intense change in the eyelids, nose and neck, make the piece come alive :clap: Plus, I personally find it really hard to draw people in that angle -with the face slightly towards the front-, and I think you did it perfectly, so congrats!

Even though I love the shading colours you did, I have to say, they do not totally go in agreement in the different parts of the drawing: When I look at the hair, face and neck, it looks like the light is coming from the front-left, whereas when I look at the t-shirt, it seems like it's coming from the right. That feeling is specially noticeable because you did the back part of the T-shirt darker. Don't get me wrong, the piece is still beautiful and I love your colouring, as I said, but maybe for next projects, try to think from were you want your light to come from, maybe even draw few lines with a pencil that indicate its directionality, and that way you can do your pieces much more consistent :la: Another note on this, that you could actually fix: following the fact that the light seems to come from the left for the hair, the inner part of the hairs that fall on the forehead of the guy should be shadowed a bit darker. Letting you know in case you want to quickly go back and do that!!

Overall, I think it's a beautiful piece, I love your choice of colours and the way you merged them. Keep the good work!

P.S.: I'm not familiar with the Walmart logo, so your background looks quite cool to me!

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Thanks so much for reviewing my work! I'm glad you like the colours and face shading :D Yeah, I tend to not have a light source in mind a lot of the time, which is a problem ^^; Thanks for pointing out the inconsistencies in the lighting! I totally would've missed them, otherwise.

Again, thanks so much for taking the time to critique my work! It was super helpful! :huggle:

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Amazing work :) :clap:

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My pleasure ☺️

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blue!!! and yellow!!! AAAAAA

really love the shading on the shirt!!! and that calm expression ~ gives him an icy yet warm vibe, somehow? uwu

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Me and my primary colour schemes - I always come back to the primary colours, for some reason. And thank you!! I had a lot of fun shading everything :D

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