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Tadachi (CE)

By Sori-Eminia
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Another entry for this contest by Tachibana-Mizuko, and probably my favourite one. Who knew that drawing seaweed and fish would be so fun? I'm trying to add more textures to both my traditional and digital works, and I'd say this piece is a start. Hopefully I'll be able to do better in the future on that front!
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I love the concept of the piece, brilliant execution!

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Anazing work with biom inside the tail.

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AHHHHHHH!!! This is really beautiful!
The lighting and the way you drew the fish especially!
Thank you so much!!
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Thank you so much!! ❤

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okay thats some gorgeous lighting going on right there, and the water lines (?) and bubbles?! Tini Bubbles

DRAWING FISH IS FUN!!! are those betta fish? AAAA so cute!!! and the blue-purple scales, yeessss

also, a new pose?! i should really try different poses that arent, well, standing XD

random question but if you were to be a type of fish, what would you be? Day126 - Shark Day53 - Fish :red fish:

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Thank you!!! Idk the name of those water lines either - are they from refraction? Reflection? A diffusion pattern? Total internal reflection? I'm a physics student, I should know this stuff??

Anyway, yesss, fish are so fun to draw :D Especially betta fish! Their fins are so elegant and the colours are just - yes. I don't think I'd be quite as happy drawing, say, an angel fish - stripes just aren't my thing, generally. I want to try drawing orcas (yes, I know they're not fish), manta rays, and whale sharks, too. I think I've said before, but whale sharks have this beautiful pattern of white dots - so aesthetic! And manta rays and orcas have such regal black and white patterns.

What fish I'd be? Probably a manta ray (known to be curious and clever) or whale shark (gentle giants - and yes, my interest in these two does come from how I identify with them highly). And if we're including other sea creatures, totally a porpoise (shy but intelligent) or octopus (similar to manta rays, personality-wise). How about you?

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........ probably ...?? ????? XD (if you just google "water reflection lines" you see the lines, but idk if its just because its water or the lines)

yeesss draw all the sea animals !! and betta fish are so pretty?? have you seen all the tail types?? AND THIS BETTA AND THIS ONE ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AHHHHH!! makes me wanna make a fish-based OC or something, haha XD and tbh i dont draw enough animals in general, let alone water itself ^^; im missing out

hmmmmmm a koi, maybe? i was thinking more of a turtle tho, haha XD Mini Turtle Icon, a crab -- Crab Dance #2

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Ooh, I had no clue there were different tail types!!! And yesss those betta fish are gorgeous!!! I'm quite partial to this, this, this, and this betta fish, though every betta fish is beautiful in its own way. Their fins are so wispy and beautiful!!!

I'm trying to sketch more animals, though I'm nowhere near ready to start painting or colouring them. And yes, water (and fire, come to think of it) is so fun to draw!!!

... What. Is. That.

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yee coloring fire is so fun! and making it glow against a really dark background -- my fav :3 When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)

...its a cgi crab wink :P

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I think I've only coloured fire twice, but once was against a dark background, and I loved it. I should do that again!!! It would be a warm colour scheme!!! (I've had enough of cool colours, can you tell?)

But where did it come from --

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........i feel like im the one to blame Sweat 1 emoji emoticon Free to use sweat sweat

community emoticons are a blessing

Crab Dance

though i never really tried the gifs before but hey, this is cute!!

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No, it's not XD I generally don't ever draw water or fire or plants or anything besides the character themselves unless I'm convinced a piece won't work without those things, and since I default to busts so often, I don't feel the need to add anything extra like that.

I remembered where I recognised the crab from!!! My dad showed me this music video!!!

Aww, that's adorable!!!

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