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Rurden (AR)

By Sori-Eminia
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OC belongs to MissMillia.

This might just be my best artwork to date. Dang. Also, I have no clue how to draw feathers.
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Second! THIS IS SO GOOD AHHHHH!! blue heart bullet You drew Rurden so well and I'm just blown away at the amount of work you put into this! You made my whole week! He looks absolutely incredible and thank you so much for drawing him! I hope you had fun! And I apologize for those feathers hahaha!
Thank you again! Keep up the great work :D
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Thank you so much!!! The piece was a pleasure to work on, especially the hair :D I'm so glad it made you happy - that's all I want when I draw a request! ❤

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greet, I'm from :iconprojectcomment: to give a critique to your art piece

So to start with must say that it's really good face anatomy, like nothing looks off or odd. especially want to note how the nose was executed due since as noted it's the most tricky part of a face

Next thing to point out are the hair, really liked how they went out and also how your mixed black and white in them and what's most important it helps to create a volume and feeling of motion.

As last from plusses are the eyes. no matter what the drawing is if there is a character with open eyes, they will always attract viewer's eyes and must note that you executed them quite well. all those tiny details, variations of blue and eyes's placement in general. they don't look too far away from each other nore too close

as now for minuses, yet must point out that they aren't so huge, but definitely would make the pic look better

First is the composition. as got you was drawing a headshot, so why not to put a face in front of the canvas? since as it placed now all the attention goes to the hair. I'd moved head with face having in the center and add on it a little more details while leave hair somewhat on secondary plan

Next to point out are the horns. welp they have neat shading and colors and stuff.....but they're flat. guess here could help out 2 things, first is learning perspective and second is imagining horn as a combination of cut pyramid like cylinders. once you draw them out cylinder by cylinder, they should add in more volume to them. while second thing is to make hair curve when they go near the horns. since it's sticking out

and last thing to point out is shading, yeah it's good enough right now. but you could push it even further by darkening areas where light can't get in. for example the backneck or skin around the choker. it would not only give better understanding of where from the light is coming from, but also push viewer's eyes where you want em to watch.

All in all this pic looks AWESOME. again really liked the anatomy and how hair went out while those minuses that named aren't critical, yet could make the pic look better. take them as some sort of upgrades to already good picture ;3

as hope that my critique helped you out and have a good day! : D
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Thank you so much for taking the time to review my work!!! I'm glad you think the shading and anatomy look nice :D And I absolutely agree with everything - I definitely feel like the horns don't quite fit, especially because they were a last-minute addition (I drew them after drawing the hair and was definitely very lazy with them), and I didn't think to make the hair curve around the horns. I'll keep that in mind in the future!

Thinking of the horns as a bunch of stacked cylinders is such a good tip - thank you!! I'm really bad at thinking in terms of forms ^^; And yeah, I should definitely push the skin shading more next time.

Thanks again for such great feedback!! I really appreciate it :huggle:

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always welcome, uwu
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oh whooooooaaaaaaaaa that is some realistic side-profile holy crap dude, muchos kudos

(like, the nose?? the eyes?? the choker?? w h a t nalsdjklf;andfsjbasl)

wait what do you mean you have no clue how to draw feathers, those are feathers --

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Thank you!!! Though there's this one part of me that's like "... the one time you use extremely desaturated colours (compared to my usual)" and idk whether to laugh or screech because this is so desaturated, and I thought I wanted my art to be saturated, except I also want to make more art like this, and now we're back to the beginning of WHAT DO I WANT MY ART TO BE???

Guess I'll save the saturation for my traditional works =P

Do you know HOW many times I had to redraw those little suckers, I swear the feathers took longer to finish than the entirety of the hair -- but hey, practice makes perfect.

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well... can't you main in both? i mean, theres no need to place a limitation on your art. just do whatever you want to do regardless of media - desaturated, saturated, or even both.

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Fair point - I'm probably doing too much thinking and less actual drawing ^^;

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