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Meet Me by the Willow

By Sori-Eminia
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I can see it now
See it in my mind
You walking
To me
"Meet me by the willow," you'd said.

Well, old friend
I'm already here
I've been for years
And finally
You're ready.


A redraw of what I think is my first digital artwork, made in 2016.
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Quite a bit of improvement :D
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oh my god , i dont even know how to comprehend the original artwork, im so sorry - - XDDDDDDD

but wow!! that is a huge improvement!!! her pose is so powerful (kinda., reminds me of a lion prowling????) and THAT HAND, HOW DRAW FINGERS CURLING IN ?? UGHhGJKSH

i see a subtle blue(? purple?) for the shading of the dress!! and the background is pretty ~ (floral backgrounds seem to be your go-to, haha XD)

i wonder who the poem is referring to ? who is I, and who is you? what are they getting ready for? (it seems like theyre determined...) and a willow, hm... willow can symbolize the moon (ha,, , that has its own symbolism), grief (getting ready for grief?? now thats morbid),, balance.. boy, im getting more questions than potential answers, haha

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Yeah, idk either XD And thank you!

I took a photo of my hand as reference and used that, because idk how to draw hands otherwise ^^; And actually, the background was inspired by your recent art!! They were just so pretty, I wanted to do some floral backgrounds of my own, since I haven't done any in a while.

Yep, I used purple to shade and a tiny bit of yellow for the dress highlights! The poem is a nonsensical amalgamation of random instances in my life over the past few days XD So, storytime:

I missed a Zoom call with a classmate because I forgot about the time difference, so my mind went to the concept of standing someone up. Then my dad and I had a disagreement about whether this person's face looks more girlish or guyish. Dad said girl, I said guy (the face reminds me of Takeo from Noblesse too much), and I was out in the garden where our willow tree used to be. These three things together gave me the idea of a story where there are two childhood friends (in my head, it's a boy and a girl) and the boy tells the girl to meet him by the willow tree, their usual meet-up spot, but doesn't show up this time.

Fast forward to a few years later, and the boy tells her once again to meet him by the willow. The girl arrives first, and when the boy finally arrives, he's in a dress, and this is his way of coming out as non-binary. My idea was that he'd wanted to tell her all those years ago, but panicked and just skipped the meeting.

It is possible that they continued being friends in the time in between the skipped meeting and the second meeting, and he just made some excuse about forgetting. However, I partially headcanon a sadder version where the boy moves away after skipping that meeting, or he transfers schools or something and they lose contact, and the girl doesn't get a chance to say goodbye. But years later, they've found each other again online (inspired by how my mom recently found an old college friend from 25 years ago on Facebook) and this meeting at the willow is the first time they see each other again. He's never posted pictures of himself online in women's clothing or the like - she's the first person he expresses his feminine side to. In my mind, that's the reason why he looks a bit serious, like he's crossing a new frontier.

And like practically always, I refuse to name my OCs XD

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well, my mind immediately went to billie eilish so

wait so the lion isnt so far off, since lion = pride, and he's finally?? proud?? enough to show himself?? (and ofc, the lgbtq pride as well ~) that determination??? hell yeah

thats such a beautiful and touching story though oh my god i stan Cry forever

also i like how you headcanon your own works XD

ah, so another nameless boy ;; are we referring to him as willow (boy)? actually, are they to be referred as a boy? them? her?

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Ooh, I'm convinced - this person's represented by a lion now :D

I LOVE headcanoning my works and making little scenarios for the characters!!! I haven't gotten to do it in ages, though, because I've been doing only trades and contest entries for a long time. And I still hate world-building and making actual plots with resolutions XD

Uh... not sure?? Maybe her? Could be neuter? Or maybe a boy who likes crossdressing? Is genderfluid a possibility? Idk, I need to decide? I'm kind of leaning towards genderfluid for some reason, so guess we'll go with that. Somehow, though, I still always refer to him as, well, him in my head, not sure why. So maybe he currently prefers male pronouns but wants to cross-dress? I have no idea ^^;

In short, I think willow boy fits best at this point.

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cant really blame you XD usually i HC stuff about my OCs as well, then decide whether or not it's actually canon. it's a funny process

i will forever love world building bUT I JUST DONT HAVE THE TIME FOR IT , EHLKJSD:LKHFANDF:

seriously, i need to make random OCs that just. exist. no convoluted past, just. existence . it sounds so simple but it honestly drives me insane if the OC doesn't have a background or a connection to pre-existing works!! (im hoping that oc collab will help me, haha XD)

aright, willow boy it is ~

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What are the terms of the OC collab again? Was it that it's a lineart trade, but we each draw a new OC from scratch instead of a pre-existing one? I'm assuming full-body, then?

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umm we just design some new character. i might end up designing a kemonomimi because, why not (im tired of humans but not completely; also im working on eon so) . and yeah , full body preferably

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I'm doing something with horns and ya can't stop me --

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