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Lei (Collab)

By Sori-Eminia
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Collab with aki-kurosai on his OC Lei. He drew the lineart, I coloured it. We'd also made a challenge for ourselves to do selective colouring, i.e. mainly greyscale with only one colour, but I couldn't decide between the turquoise and the red, so I just kept them both, added navy blue for the shirt, sky blue for the background, and ultimately failed the challenge Sweating a little... In the future, perhaps. 
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ugh f i n e ill make sure to force you to do selective coloring next time

between red and turquoise ... i think the red probably wouldve worked against the grayscale more than turquoise;; but it would depend on the mood you want to give the piece. the red would probably give a more powerful feeling, but a calming effect if youve done the turquoise instead (tho her turquoise could blend in with the gray, so this would probably have to be a brighter hue or saturated). cant blame you tho -- selective coloring is a bit tough because of the many choices laid out to you, but its the matter of what you ultimately want to pop out the most. and you kinda have to think of placement -- a part of why i typically do eyes is because they're typically toward the center of the piece, thus making them the central focus. red would make the focus a bit spread out and thus more on her in general, but since the turquoise is more toward her face, it would make that color a better choice if we just want her (face) to be the focus. otherwise, just from a general standpoint, red is probably better with a grayscale aesthetic-wise (im just in love with the red you used here and how it sticks out so much, im sorry XD)

....see how complicated this is?? aaahnhgnhskj i love selective coloring and the pain it brings :)))))))))))))))))))

goodness everything looks so shiny!! i really like how you colored the diamond (honestly still dont know how to color crystals/gems/jewels, help)!! and the hair is so pretty?? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

i think it might be the shade of blue, but im getting winter day vibes and that fits her so well, howd you know --

well since i just received your lineart ill be working on that later tonight ~ (why did you have to make him so suave, oh my god)

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I know, I know, I will do actual selective colouring someday ^^; Yeah, eyes are the default choice for me too, but it's really because of that being the default that I wanted to do her earrings and skirt instead, hence the red, because I did do turquoise first and then went "THAT IS SO UNBELIEVABLY BORING. NO."

Actually, I've been meaning to do a number of traditional selective colouring pieces for a while - I plan to use my black India ink to shade, and my gold metallic marker for the selective colouring. I'm rather dead-set on not colouring the eyes - I want to do jewelry, ichor/blood, hair, clothes (not all in the same piece, that would look terrible - each of the items mentioned will be a separate artwork) - everything but the eyes.

Thank you!!! I wanted to give the clothes a silky appearance, because this lady looks too classy for anything else ;P The red's my favourite part too!!!

I binge-read so many tutorials on colouring gemstones when I first joined DA and they're actually one of the main reasons why I've always loved drawing glowy things, I GOT YOU COVERED FAM --

Simple tutorial

Helpful for understanding the white highlights at the edges

Same purpose as above

The crystals have a lot more faces than I draw, but the general principles apply

I think anyone with long sleeves, I get a soft winter vibe from them :D And I want to draw cool guys!!! I want to draw people with more attitude, more personality!!!

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avoid coloring the eyes? jee, that reminds me of something.......... XD

selective coloring with metallic markers would be amazing, esp with gold. (... is there a possibility with a gold glitter pen? or glitter in general?)

Ohhhhhhhh..................i have all these tutorials saved in ref;; i need to actually use them oh mgy haslfkjansdbjlfiuhasjvkn thank

well, you picked the guy with not a lot of attitude and a relatively mellow personality

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You will never let this go, will you? XD

I was thinking the same thing!!! I don't have a gold glitter pen, but I do have a really strong gold metallic pen which I've been aching to use but haven't really gotten a chance to.

... Dangit. Should've saved the attitude for Corvus =P

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n e v e r :dignity-laugh:

...yeah, this is a very corv-like thing XD in gmbfcy, phantom would've worked, or leon (if he looked a bit serious instead).

........actually im now tempted to redraw leon in that pose sometime;; (... can i ...)

im not really sure what fits noct... i feel like more calming pieces would suit him. like.. nature pieces little plant emoji 2 (hes actually a gardener cherry blossom )

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Yeah, go ahead!! And ooh, I've been wanting to paint some plants!! I want to paint Noctis with some plants now

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ummmmmmm if it helps, he's associated with purple hyacinths. otherwise, gmbfcy has some fictional plants that he grows (that....... i kinda have to design.......)

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