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Elijah (Eastbound)

By Sori-Eminia
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So what if I'm not what you wanted?
Home's not where I'm headed
I'm eastbound for a new start
The life you normal folk always dreaded.


Someone said the face reminds them just the tiniest bit of Michael Jackson and now I can't unsee it. Anyway, I'm on a mission to draw less androgynous faces because I feel like most of my male faces lean towards androgynous and I don't want to develop same-face syndrome. Also, I don't draw enough punk/tough people, so here you go.

Hope you like it!
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screentones??? bruh how do

im liking this "edgy" esque vibe XD loving the sketchy lineart ^^

the chain does stick out, though ;;

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There's a screen-tone brush!!! And honestly, I was just too lazy to make it neat ^^; I kind of wish I did, just so it would have more of that retro comic feel.

And yeah, I'm getting the feeling I should've made the chain black and drawn some white highlights myself instead of just leaving the pre-made chain brush as is.