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Effie (Collab)

By Sori-Eminia
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Another lineart collaboration with aki-kurosai! He drew the lineart of his OC, I printed it out in red and did a quick watercolor base layer before switching to coloured pencils because a certain crayon-using friend inspired me to pick up my dry media again :D (Big Grin) It's this same friend who inspired me to use purple and blue to shade instead of red and magenta I'd planned to use, so big shout-out to him because hue variations make my traditional art so much better.

Even though I've sworn off of coloured pencils previously due to the hand cramps they give me, I've found that if I do a base layer of watercolor and then shade with coloured pencils, it's a lot less area to fill in with pencil, which gives my hand a huge break while still creating that texture which I missed so much. 

Anyway, hope you like it! ❤
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this is so beautiful????????? am i allowed to cry

think this is my fav collab piece so far ;-; (im glad that the messy lineart didnt ruin the piece hahaaaa)

dude dude this is unfair i wanna color with pencils HGNHkJEK


basing with watercolors??? oooo that sounds interesting ~ (i havent touched watercolors in a long while;; so much for wanting to improve Sweating [Disney] )

she looks so soft uwu and the purple/blue shading came out so nicely!! it sticks out compared to the reds and pinks, and the white pen is such a nice touch ~ super shiny!! and the texture is so cool!! the sketchy coloring somehow works very well [i]: potted flower pixel

im proud of u trying new colors Yamato Clapping Hands Icon it's fun, isn't it???

try using green and orange together i dare you

(im doing that rn for iria, + shades of blue (so ig im taking up ur challenge, finally))

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Thank you!!!! I think my favourite is still when I lined and you coloured Kitsune and the peonies, but this is definitely second :D

Yessss, trying new colours is so fun!!! The thing is, though, I also want to do limited palettes and selective colouring, and I can't decide whether to use all the colours or to limit myself to 2-3.

The problem with using green and orange traditionally is that when they mix, they always turn this really muddy, nauseating color. Let me tell you, some watercolors are never meant to mix. EVER. And the greens and oranges I have seem to fall into that category.

Actually, come to think of it, whenever I mix any secondary colours traditionally, they turn muddy and disgusting, which is why I gravitate towards primary or analogous colour schemes.

I can't wait to see how your rendition of Iria turns out!!!

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oh rly??? O.o i thought that one was pretty mediocre

hrm... you can honestly go either way. if you start with all the colors, you can learn how they work best, and then you can slowly narrow your palette to force yourself to consider other options. or, starting with limited options, youll learn how to manipulate colors you never thought about using, and then slowly progress that way. (id probably start with all colors first, though im biased)

have you tried using a lighter shade of green and orange? maybe you should add yellow to help transition? i typically cant slap green and orange together without using some kind of yellow (at least, digitally,,,,,,)

(you know, i thought of another collab idea, which is where we line a completely new OC, and then swap and color them whatever we want. can we try that one day??)

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I think I'll go limited but super-saturated colour palettes first, since that's pretty close to my current style, and then work my way to adding in touches of other colours. Like, if I'm using blue paint, maybe throw in just a few drops of purple and green to make things interesting. I'm finding that as long as I don't mix too much, I can have pretty different colours in the same paint mixture, and you get this nice gradient without the muddy middle shade.

Pastels sound like a good idea - maybe I could try a limited secondary colour scheme with highly diluted paints? And yeah, yellow in between sounds great :D

Sure, let's do that sometime!!! Just not anytime soon, because I'm swamped right now ^^;

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ooo new challenge: pastel

since. you like super saturated colors

i wanna try a black and white piece. dunno. monochrome pieces are an aesthetic sometimes

...that would be an extreme flip since im going all out with the coloring rn

yeah im swamped too. finals week is approaching and i got a few exams already . how r u doin, btw?

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Yes, inked black and white pieces are so cool - so much contrast!!! I love!!! The stark look to them is so striking, I can't get enough of it!! Idk why I never did more black-and-white pieces after Inktober, because I loved doing them. And you go for it!!!

Yeah, pastels is a fair challenge XD Everytime I try to only do pastels, I end up using super saturated colours anyway.

Um, I have two major assignments due soon, one on Friday and one on Monday and I'm behind on classes, so I'm kind of toast, but whatever ^^; Good luck on your exams!!!

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ah, it takes me back to the early days when i didnt know how to color

d o n t d o t h a t

oh dude good luck XD are you at least... getting them done...???

im kinda glad that they changed the finals schedule so now i have one exam per day or other, and all at very different time intervals. and some profs are nice enough to give us a week to do it, or an entire day (god bless). still sucks though.

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I'll try to do a genuine pastel piece next time XD

I mean, it could be better, could be worse. At least I finished the code for the coding assignment and just need to write the report. The formal lab report is going to be tough because the experiment was horrible, but oh, well.

Yeah, at least you don't have multiple exams a day. That would be a disaster.

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