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He looks like a Charles, so I'm calling him Charles.

This was supposed to be a mock-up for an India ink traditional piece, just to check that the colour scheme checked out, but then I started shading and here we are. I really need to remember not to shade my mockups, lest they become finished digital works Sweating a little... 

But hey, it's a complementary colour scheme, which I never do! I did something new!! Now let's see how the traditional version goes...
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oh yeah, looked at the bright orange against the blues and went, "........who dis" XD

but yeah!! the orange does work with the dark teal(?)!! and it definitely goes with his brown hair and green (wait, GREEN???) eyes ^^ such a shiny jacket too <3

i can tell that the paint splatter is going to be fun XD

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Thank you!! I'm thinking of making the eyes the same teal as the bg - the green looks out of place to me. Also, might do a "reverse splatter" - basically, you put down paint first and while it's wet, splatter rubbing alcohol on it. It gives you paler splatters instead of darker ones :D