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Je Ne Sais Quoi - Now Available!

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By SorenZer0   |   
Mature  |  Published:
© 2020 SorenZer0
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You never suspected you might have the Shrinking Disease, and you especially didn't expect it to manifest while on vacation. And to make things worse, you don't speak the local language.

Paris, France: the city of light and love, and where you've suddenly found yourself shrunk to mere inches. You've been captured by a pair of young women and taken back to their apartment.

You remember seeing news articles and trending videos of people torturing and killing Shrinkies for fun and 'likes' on social media. You don't understand the words of the booming conversation going on above you, but you can only hope that your captors aren't talking about doing just that.

You ask if they speak English, if they can help you contact your family, but a flick to the head from a finger larger than your whole body is your answer. They talk down to you, giving you a command that you don't understand. Your lack of comprehension only makes them more vicious. They demean and punish you like a disobedient animal, until your struggle to communicate becomes a fight for survival. Will you learn how to be obedient in time?
  • Be treated like an animal by a pair of haughty French girls!
  • 22 minutes of POV in 4k 360 VR!
  • 99 illustrations by SorenZer0!
  • Professional voice acting by Dangerous ASMR!
  • Includes the full script, with translation of French dialogue!
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GoddessTinaHobbyist General Artist

It was such a delight to work with a creator as demanding as you are. Every detail is careful taken into account, depth in the story is mandatory and this one, a tale that needed to be told.

Thank you for all of this, you lovely storyteller :kiss:

Zauka-vanbkop's avatar

I buy it and i love it)


SorenZer0's avatar

Thank you so much! :D

zifr's avatar

@ SorenZ, please gives us Snuff3, with that cute blond girl from snuff1.... MANY tinies, not only 1 tiny, so we can see the victims running scared , trying to escape and getting crushed barefoot too... I tell ya, I would buy snuff3. :handshake: I dont buy soft stories with only 1 tiny any more.

zifr's avatar

@ SorenZ, which Software do you use for your artwork ? I intend to make my own gts stuff.... :shifty:

Kolossius391220's avatar

Giys tale care its ont à crush story...

Not a vore story no pov mouth..

Kolossius391220's avatar

I buy it and i am totally disapointed...

Once again not a crush story just a little bullying..

I think a good part of ur community are disapointed

We follow you from 3 years buy all your stuff and you don't take care of wath's your community really wait from 7 month....

If you do the same from the next VR story i just never buy your work again...

it's wasting so much potential .... Your last video had given me so much hope ... The 2 perfect characters ... Come back to stories like snuff or Blazed it was so much better ..

Just think wath ur community live on your work...

Sexy girls with sexy feet (nude always better than sneakers sandals..) who crush for pleasure with eat the tinies be cruel...

And by the way the french speech are unerdanstable by real french and look like really weird

zifr's avatar

@ Kollossius, I also noticed that SZ artwork is getting kind of "soft" , there is not much crush action in it. there is only 1 man being bullied in that new story. I dont know what the reason for that development is. :o I remember SZ did make the best artwork in the past with many tinies getting crushed in 1 work, for example a Day in the Park or Snuff... :hug:

Kolossius391220's avatar

I don't know why too..

But wath i see is when u tell is job is great he answer to you and when u are bit criticism or tell some questions about is new kind of working he just ignore XD

Its cowardise but wath else..

Just Sorenzer0 was the best feet action crush work i ever ever seen...

Now its just business for a part of the community

Lets wait for next project it will take 5 months

Enjoy the waiting bru !

See u

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GoddessTinaHobbyist General Artist

Awww. This made me want to squash you: Was it intentional ?

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The idea of a language barrier in gts scenarios is one that has always fascinated me, but I've never seen it brought to life like this. The way we are roughly reprimanded for lack of obedience, talked down to and "trained" is just amazing. You've managed to convey true feelings of fear and confusion through your masterful storytelling and I absolutely loved it! Reading the script afterwards and re-watching it was a whole different experience as well!

Overall, I can only imagine how difficult this project must have been to put together but I'm really glad that you did. Outstanding work as always :)

SorenZer0's avatar

Thank you so much! That's exactly the feeling I wanted to convey, and I'm glad to know I was successful! ❤

SmolDegen's avatar

Bought it and loved it!

Always loved the idea of being dominated by a giantess where there was a language barrier. Even though the tiny has no idea what they are saying, their actions make it clear they are in control and that they will have it their way.

SorenZer0's avatar

Yes! I've always thought language barriers in gts scenarios were a hot concept, but I've never had the means to tell the story properly until recently (and the help of three other amazing people :D ). Thank you!

robertbaratheon14's avatar
Favorite pic is the bottom left her toes look enormous
SorenZer0's avatar

Wait til you see them in VR :mwahaha:

yuxiaotong's avatar
Sorry………I bought it for the first time. How can I watch it after I buy it?
SorenZer0's avatar

Download the zip file, extract it, then just play the video with a video player that supports 360 VR video. The latest version of VLC supports VR.

Let me know if you need more help!

yuxiaotong's avatar
Thank you! I've finished watching the excellent work!
SorenZer0's avatar

You're welcome! Thanks for your support. I'm glad you enjoyed! :D

Rekklo's avatar
RekkloNew Deviant

Loved it! :) Knowing french made it a different experience for me.

The camera handling and effects (inc. audio) were better than ever.

SorenZer0's avatar

Haha, I figured it would be a different experience for people that spoke both english and french, but I'm glad you still enjoyed it :D

vorifax's avatar
vorifaxHobbyist Digital Artist

Looks awesome!

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