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Here it is! The long-awaited collab between myself and the awesometastic :icontinyone234:.

It's pretty much everything you might expect from the two of us. Warning: graphic violence abounds!

If it doesn't fit on your screen, click the Download link on the side and it will open up in a new window that does.

You can use your keyboard arrow keys to turn the pages, but I recommend using the buttons on the bottom corners. You might miss some interactivity otherwise. HINT HINT.

And check out the prologue to the sequel here! :D
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Sadism96's avatar
I so would savor being that evil and sadistic to these little people.  So much fun...
MaraJadeSkywalker's avatar
I wish there was some sort of comeuppance in these types of stories for the awful girls. Really good, just missing that sense of justice at the end. 
pakhanba's avatar
You're quite a sophisticated creator. I bought disposables both parts and have become quite the fan. Keep up the good work.
SorenZer0's avatar
Thank you very much! We appreciate your support :D
pakhanba's avatar
You're welcome but I gotta say you can do better solo. Your written story is murderous and appallingly inhumane. Your ability to blend horrific violence and murder beautifully into your illustrations to maximize the pleasure sensory in fetishists.....its just genius. I dare say your work is unparalleled but I sincerely hope you can keep a humble head after all the admiration you receive. 
Thoswal's avatar
This was literally perfect! Best animated comic I've ever watched. Incredible...all of it...the vocabulary, images, storyline.... :)
this one is absolutely fantastic..... please more 
There is anyway to see this ebooks in phone, tablet, ipad, etc? Imean any place to download in pdf or something :s
SorenZer0's avatar
You'll need a device that supports flash to view the .swf format ebooks, especially for this one because it has interactive elements and animations.
sman54's avatar
To me, the very best artistic story ever produced, created and visualized. 

Plain and simple, we need more (much more) like this. 
SorenZer0's avatar
Showed this comment to TinyOne and she said, "fuck. that's pretty flattering."

Thanks, sman! :D (Big Grin) 
sman54's avatar
Credit is given where credit is earned. This deserves praise :)
PUMPed's avatar
fantastic, original, impressive. I really hope you continue with great works like this
tinygirl89's avatar
WOW exiting to say the least, nice work guys:)
nymmaz's avatar
Wow, missed that one :D great work people!!
I can't seem to find the story, could anyone please guide me to it?
SorenZer0's avatar
Hit the Download button so that it opens up in a new window that fits your screen, then use the arrows in the bottom corners to navigate!
PovGiantess's avatar
This is wonderful! :) I wish there would have been some butt crush but I am biased on that regard! :D Great "behind the scenes" comic! :) PG
SorenZer0's avatar
Haha, thanks! Glad you enjoyed :) (Smile) 
Outstanding! I hope to see Laura again.
Kosm1ta's avatar
I just got around reading this story. Man those are some messed up sisters. I mean, hot sisters. Yes, hot. Yet, I couldn't help but sympathize with the little ones up to the point where they are crushed. That's what Tinyone234 is good at. Drawing you into the characters before brutally killing them off. Love it.

The renders are awesome too. The models are sexy and well done. I liked the whole slideshow setup as well. Good job guys, hope to see more from y'all.
SorenZer0's avatar
I know right? The way :icontinyone234: makes even the most expendable of characters feel totally real and sympathetic is one of my favorite things about her writing. Thanks for your comment!
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