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Hey all, so you may have heard that DA is cracking down on adult/fetish artists. I want to get ahead of that and remind you all that I can be found on other sites: Twitter (for as long as it lasts. Looking into alternatives for that too. 🙄): Itaku (my profile is currently empty, but it seems like the best alternative right now): You can also subscribe to email updates from my Gumroad store to be notified when I post new stuff: update: I'm now also on Bluesky!
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Get it here: From Gumroad! or GiantessKatelyn! You’ve been found. Your home—once hidden beneath the floorboards of a suburban house—was discovered and destroyed by the troublesome teen giantess that lived above you. Now, you and your fellow tiny people find yourselves trapped in a shoe box, unable to do anything but wait for your captor's return. In the distance, you hear the sound of the front door opening. She's back, but not alone. She's brought friends. Their booming laughter and footsteps rumble through everything around you, getting closer and closer until they're directly above. You’re sent stumbling as the box is picked up, and when the lid lifts away, you stare up into the faces of three gigantic girls who see you as nothing more than toys. Be at the mercy of a trio of delinquent teen giantesses! Struggle between their fingers and run for your life from their stomping sneakers! 17 minutes of POV in 4k 360 VR! 206 illustrations by SorenZer0! Featuring THREE
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Get it here: From Gumroad! or from GiantessKatelyn! You've been abducted. Caught before you could run after witnessing the murder of a Miniature Person by a pair of giant women. Now, you’re trapped at the bottom of a purse, powerless to escape as they casually leave the scene. Picking up immediately after the end of Match, you are the barista taken by Lyndsey and Madeline following their coffee shop tryst, dropped in a purse with no chance of escape. Soon, you’re dumped onto a table in the middle of an opulent penthouse. With their attention focused on you, your fate now hangs on your ability to serve two sadistic and horny giants. Be immersed in the Match story—as one of the Mini victims! 18 minutes of POV in 4k 360 VR! 188 illustrations by SorenZer0! Professional voice acting by April Would! In case you missed it, I posted the original text of Match 1 for free here!
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I would die to get a story with knee high boots. You are awesome!

Nice renders you made

I just wanna say thank you to SorenZero.

Our fantasy is sadly, for the time being at least, confined to our own imaginations but we l, as a community are incredibly lucky to have talented souls like yourself to create incredible works of art like this.

Your work is absolutely fantastic especially the evil pictures! Keep up the awesome work!

will there be a sequel to Match in the future?

I've thought about, but it'll probably be a little while before I get to it. Also I'm thinking of making it VR.