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collab done finally....

By Soreiya
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bah! *kills the pic for makeing me lazy*

anyways collab with they did the drawing because as you all know I wouldnt have been able to pull that off oh well anyways I did coloring and lineart

characters in the drawing are Thorn my character the pink haired boy helping the other pink haired boy lol and Fron Ryuyujin's character the injured one they are both brothers thats about as close as one of my characters gets to haveing a backstory lol pathetic

man I messed this up badly damn my wanting to clutter every pic I work on argh'ness

well feel free to point out any mistakes I may deside to fix up my coloring who knows right now though I'm totally tired

if you wish to view the animation go here [link] also if you don't suck join the oekaki board LOL

Edit: damn typos
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the sky is very nice!!
it's very fantastic pic!!
you are amazing!!
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Yeah I kinda feel bad for them but well who knows it may all turn out to be a happy ending
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That is cool I like how you put so much time and detail on this:!:

You inspire me to put more time and detail on my drawings!
Good job! :clap:
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Hellow, had done this collab with you for a contest in my club~ :D So here i am, if your group become the winner, I will do a pic for you.

I do like the fact both of your characters are in the picture, that increase the collabrative quality, and you used the line art really well and added to it and made it come alive with colors and texture, as well as an enviroment for the characters to live in, and enhanced the mystical quality of the piece while keeping move of the line art intact. Nice job. Both of you. :D
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Thanks I had a hard time working on this picture my lighting ended up weird but I like how it came out it wouldnt have been this good if I was the one who did the original drawing hehe so in a way I am thankfull I had the job of the color artist in this collab

hehe I'm slow at answering messages I'm way behind have to many to go threw but I'm getting there.....
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@_@ you are not alone.
ooooh..... sexy! well, not sexy.... but it's pretty! they're bishounen right?
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not sure never really payed much attenction guess for guys haveing pink hair makes them sort of girly
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Holy crap. Never seen this kind of detail put into oekaki before. INcredible to say the least. :+fav:
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well Ispend alot of hours probably 10+ on some of my oekaki art I am pretty use to the programs since it's been about 2 years
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Wow. Thanks for the reply. Never got the hang of them myself. Very impressive. :penguin:
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ah well I'm always glad to help people out with oekaki so if ya ever need help just ask
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waaai pretty nice collaby !! XD

the coloring again , is pretty pretty kewl me notice that some of your artworks have to do with nightly theme but thats just your preference X3 X3
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not sure really I do alot of day and night pictures but mainly outdoor bg's in general are something I do alot
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ohh i shee i shee ~~~ :3

no indoor stuff eh ??
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indoor bg's are hard I try and fail verry often
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aww... poor boys... *pets* this picture is just so shiny! the really likeable part about all your pictures! *licks* murr..... ;3
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:+fav: -ed it at Ryuyujin's, only fair to :+fav: -it here too
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I really love your collab! ^^ You both did awsome! The coloring is so smooth, and the outlines are too. Wow...too kool for words! *faves* :3 I can't wait to see more! x3
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nice shading as usual, and i love the background.. yea, i like the flowiness of the hair xP
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amazing colouring job! i love your backgrounds!! :clap:
the atmosphere of the pic is great!
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