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There is still hope

By Soreiya
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I got a picture done without the power going out LOL *is happy* I'm so glad it didnt because I was starting to like this hehe not sure why I been in the mood to draw dragons latly but eh who cares I'm better at them than people so for once I can me completely comfortable posting my art because I actually like this one lol

Edit ignore edit: sorry forgot to add the link for the animation [link]

if your wondering whats going on in this picture don't ask me because I don't know it sort of reminds me of a Kouichi picture I drew a long time ago

speaking of Kouichi yeah really want to thank everyone for the nice comments on my ms paint Kouichi picture really made me feel alot better about my art haha I needed a little confidence

I still need help with the other dragon picture the one in my joural I sort of gave up on it after the power went out makeing me lose a good 6 hours of working on the darn thing *cries* why did I have to draw such a hard pose stupid legs....
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oh i fav this one, I like seeing dragons with fur instead of me it makes them seem kinda magjetic oh big fluffly pupppies i want to hug
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I like drawing furry dragons because I feel like they look a bit friendlier/ more approachable? It's silly, but I don't think I've ever drawn a dragon that was all rawrrrr. Maybe I should someday.

Hard to believe this is over 10 years old. I remember at the time I had a computer that would randomly restart itself. x____X
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I've seen this around the internet a few times, people are stealing your work :o

Shows how good it is though lol :)
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People steal it? o_O; Maybe they got it from Gaia back in the day.
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probably lol... wouldn't be surprised. people steal from gaia constantly... here too though lol.
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And yet I still post there. LOL
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I wasted a year of my life there... Never again.

It's worse than 4chan... at least you know what you're getting with 4chan lol
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I've been there since 2003... I wonder what that says about me. lol
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hmm... probably says either you're a horrible roleplayer or a decent one who's never seen quality roleplaying XD
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I don't rp on Gaia. I just wonder around the art forums. Sometimes I'll go into the anime and gaming ones as well.
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Feathers o_o
Your detail skills are amazing.
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:boing: OH I :heart: YOUR COOL ARTWORK :boing:
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Absolutely gorgeous, and so incerdibly intricate. I would go nuts trying to do something requiring such great detail, like this does. How long did this take to complete? I imagine it was quite a while.
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It was done within a day, but I am unsure exactly how long it took.
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Really? Wow, I wouldn't have guessed that.
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Yeah since I needed to work fast so that I wouldn't lose power

I use to have the animation up but I don't have anywhere to upload it now
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Have you tried Photobucket? You can upload it there and put a link to it on your deviation's page; maybe even embed it onto your dA page.
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Photobucket doesn't upload .pch files. It needs to be uploaded to an oekaki board since it is not a video file.
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again: amazing detailwork!
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The dragon is just plain awesome!
The lighting is beautiful too!
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Wow, the lighting and the scenery in this is just gorgeous! I think it's the color scheme...anyway, great perspective! Kinda like we're sneaking up on the creature! My only suggestion on this one is to rework the wings a bit. If you look at a bird's wing, you'll notice there's a structure and almost a pattern to the way the feathers grow. Usually they lay pretty flat and layer on top of each other (makes the wing more streamlined in flight). But on a brighter note, I like the painted feel of this piece! Seeing some strokes in the water and the rocks helps create some visual unity throughout the entire image. Good job!
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I had a weird way of drawing wings back then. I suppose I'll keep that advice in my head for the future.
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