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Hey guys!
I wanted to explore a more artistic draw and that was the result :P
I see this draw as the real vs the fantasy... :D

Anyway, have you ever draw something like this? If you had please show me! I'd love to see it :meow:

Check out my Wolf done in the same style :3
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Hey =) I love this! I've done an Owl, just the fantasy-way ;) =)
If you like you can see it here:…
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Brigaduu *3*
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Impressive, is really very creative what you did! Loved it! :D
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Thank you honey <3
Check out my instagram! @reitermannart
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oooo love the patterns
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Wow! This is so beautiful! :happybounce: 
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Thank you honey! :heart:
I'm glad you like it :tighthug:
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Woah, this is so cool!!! :o
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<3 Thanks honey! 
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ahh amazing has a  nice tribal feel  to it

great work
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Thanks honey!!
I missed you <3
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Ahh  have too its been a while huh ;w;
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