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LS Drawings Jack and Mary by Sorcyress LS Drawings Jack and Mary :iconsorcyress:Sorcyress 0 0
Miniature Hoofed Equines
Miniature Hoofed Equines
The alarm went off at an unholy hour, and the Katters flung a pillow at it before realizing that this particular annoyance was *not* Zeebs for once.
Not that his presence was absent from the scene. "What in dear hell's name is that," he hissed, rubbing at his eyes.
Kat looked around the room and realized with a start what in dear hell's name it was. "SHIT! Sor has a pony, I have to go!" she scrambled out of bed, found she was still entangled in the bedding, and fell, undignified, to the floor.
Zeebs flipped on the light, ignoring her hiss of hatred, and turned off the alarm. It had bright blue and red lights and was, in fact, shaped like a small horse. "Sor has a pony?" he muttered in deliberately understated tones. "So you felt the need to install an alarm to tell you just that?"
"I refuse to let her have a pony." Kat hissed, shaking the sheets off her right foot. "It's bad enough that that Lazarus thing is still alive, but after the
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When Harry Met Mally
The first thing noticed as Harry passed the building was the sounds of a fight. The second was that the lock was broken, and the door was slightly ajar. And the third was the sound of a heavy thump, and a woman's exasperated voice saying "FINally!"
After pausing a moment to ensure the fight wasn't going to start again, Harry stuck his head into the room, blinking in the dim light. As his eyes adjusted, he saw a curvy woman with hair just as ginger as his own, pouring herself a drink, and then collapsing theatrically into a bar stool. He nudged the door open slightly, and slunk into the bar.
She jumped up and whirled, groping the bartop beside her, presumably for a weapon. Harry froze, and threw his hands into the air. "Don't hurt me!" he whimpered, admittedly undignified. "I'm just a reporter!"
"That's even worse" the girl muttered, but her posture relaxed minutely. "Get out of here, then. I've got to clean this place up customers come back."
He studied her intently. S
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Herbert Chibi by Sorcyress Herbert Chibi :iconsorcyress:Sorcyress 0 1
Fleshlings part One
Sor prowled the street, looking for the familiar green arm-band that she had come to recognize as the mark of the "good" messengers in this city. A late night pouring over an illicit tome of magic had revealed her next big project, and she
"Ah! Hello, you. Do you deliver things?" She crouched next to the street urchin, leaning in the shade of a building on the darker side of Ripton. He gave her the once over, then nodded.
"I work Prescott, yeah. What do you need?"
Sor didn't bother trying to figure out what the hell Prescott was, beyond one of the more rundown streets in the area. She gave the boy a quick set of instructions, pleased by his nonchalance. They worked out a price, and she gave him a folded piece of paper with the address of the shop.
She was almost cackling with glee by the time she made it back to the shop. There sitting on the stoop were two small cardboard packages, bound with green cloth. Two down, only twenty-four to go.
"Sor?" Gabriel entered
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King of the Rarthings by Sorcyress King of the Rarthings :iconsorcyress:Sorcyress 0 3 To Wonderland by Sorcyress To Wonderland :iconsorcyress:Sorcyress 0 2 Set your guns to Jam by Sorcyress Set your guns to Jam :iconsorcyress:Sorcyress 0 2 Ria x Gravedigger by Sorcyress
Mature content
Ria x Gravedigger :iconsorcyress:Sorcyress 0 5
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YHtBtR: The Novellization
Note 1 - This is based of of Mazapan's game "You Have to Burn the Rope."
Note 2 - Any literary pompousness or undue depth to be found within the following text is utterly intentional. Play the game to understand how epic it is.
Note 3 - This is only labeled "fiction" because of several factual embellishments found in the original game; the story is, in essence, true to real life.
You Have to Burn the Rope:
The Novelization
The Artist: Burk
The Hallway
A hallway.
The floor was rough. It stared upward with a burning look, that dark, primordial knowledge that one is being watched, pierced from some unknown angle by impossible eyes. Hewn stone gazed inward from all around. The rigid and dank cloud in the Hero's mind, so much an ironic beast to him, would not rise, would not dissipate; even as his mind drifted in and out of lucidity, he laughed to himself in a fleeting dream of conscious review: my own clouds I have hewn in twain, and yet this one, newly wrought, deigns to pas
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