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Zebra Magic

"Beware! Beware, you pony folk! My flirty eyes are not a joke!"

Flirty Zecora from the 3rd Twitter request thread:
Pony Expressions 3! by SorcerusHorserus

Thank you to Victor Clark @TheVClaw for the suggestion!
(I hope we see more of Zecora in the next season!)

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Her Zebra magic is working on me,

Setting my heart everfree.

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Magically lovely ^^

I consider Zecora my MLP waifu.

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Wow! I never thought to see Zecora like this. She looks so cute and beautiful.
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Me: You are speaking in rhyme, I assume you do it all the time
Zecora: Yes I do, and by the looks you do it to
Me: My rhymes come from the heart, everytime I do it I let a big fart
Zecora: Raise Eyebrow Icon That is so lowbrow
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This is a beautiful piece, great job.
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We need moar Zecora in the show, shes a great character.
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This is really a great drawing of Zecora, nice job. :D
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It's like Pinkie Pie sang, "If you look into her eyes, she'll put you in trances"
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Lovely~ Excellent work!
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Gaaah to kawaii X3
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A flirtatious apothecary zebra? Yeeeeeeees.
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Thunderwing: hello
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"Beware! Beware, you pony folk! My flirty eyes are not a joke!" Heh, nice one :D I remember that episode which introduced her when she said that line :D I stopped watching the show but i remember those good times in S1 ^^
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liking that accent with the pink :D
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Did I already told you how much I love this picture of Zecora?
She's so precious like this! :aww:

Great work! Loving every aspect of it :#1:
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