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The Fastest Pony Around!

Colored Rainbow Dash from:
Pony Expressions 2! by SorcerusHorserus

Thank you to Ominous Shinegale for the suggestion!

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My Little Pony © Hasbro
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i dont even like mlp that much but i LOVE THIS ITS SO CUTE

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my favorite mlp character :3

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She's so cute I can pinch her!
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
Like the expression of determination!
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Go, Dashie, go!
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Rainbow Dash is just so amazing. :)
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Cutie Dashie is always cute.

BEautiful work
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She is so smol~
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How dynamic and heroic sounding 
And there she goes, the mare of Sonic Rainbooms, a proud member of the Wonderbolts
Rainbow Dash!!!!!

Lovely, this would make a wonderful poster imo
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Just want to say this is absolute perfection! When I see this I see nothing that needs to be changed. I love it completely!
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She's the BEST!!😍💓
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blink and you miss it
LunaticDawn's avatar
Cute lil Dashie.
BlueAuraStreakArts's avatar
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Yes, very nice.
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Yus! She's even faster than that!
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You mean, F-22 Raptor is a pony?:D (Big Grin) 
MmquestdaGamer1's avatar
No, but there should be a pony Fulcurm...
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Rainbow Dash the fastest pony alive.
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