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Sorc Art Tips- Expressions: Keeping Eye Shape!

A little mini toot addressing an issue I've been seeing various artists have difficulty with lately. I hope you find this useful!
(For traditional media just draw the eyes lightly in pencil since you'll be erasing later.)

If you have any questions I'll do my best to answer in the comments below!

START HERE to learn how to draw a pony head:
Let's Draw: Pony Heads! Tutorial #1 by SorcerusHorserus

Other tutorials:
Let's Draw: Pony Bodies!
Let's Draw: Pony Wings!
Let's Make: A Pony Picture!

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violinpon3's avatar
they look alot like kawaii angry birds characters
DarthWill3's avatar
ThunderDash123's avatar
I found this very helpful
DreaminqHeart's avatar
Omg, I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this, I thought I was crazy, haha! :'D
CitrusEucalyptus's avatar
Amazing! :D

I hope that you have a great and blessed day/night!
TheNeoStrike's avatar
dSana's avatar
Thank you for making all those excellent tutorials.
JetWave's avatar
Simple but great tip! I think I've managed decently without it, but it's definitely something to give a chance especially in a comic or a series of expressions in general.
K4nK4n's avatar
I love the "WORRY NO MORE!" face the most. It's so adorable.Heart Heart Heart Heart 
FakeSword's avatar
id say its also important to look out for the size, if you want to try this in a very small size, you may not see the result you want, of course thats a basic, but im too un-basic-doer (*noob masterrace)
LezzyBugO3O's avatar
A good tip indeed! Thanks a bunch
LuismiPro465's avatar
Blayaden's avatar
Great guide!  Thanks a lot! :)
tigreanpony's avatar
Very nice tip, thanks a bunch.
Pony-from-Everfree's avatar
Grat to see some expressions tutorial from you! This is always a problematic part of traditional drawing... One just can't change the opacity of paper :XD:
Bear-hybrid's avatar
thats why you sketch it in super light then erase what you don't want before/after doing the hard lines :P practically the same thing.
Pony-from-Everfree's avatar
I know, but many newbies artists have troubles with that. Still, you need the right pencil and paper combination not to mess up.
thegriffin88's avatar
Your tutorials are always real fricken' helpful. 
Kujiiro's avatar
That's actually super helpful, thanks!
Nun2artzy's avatar
The secrets of the universe: REVEALED
WingedWolf717's avatar
i don't draw ponies, but this is helpful! thanks! :D
templar127's avatar
YAY! Moar art tips from ol' Sorcy! X3
HattertheThird's avatar
I used all of your guides and am still working on the proportions, but his makes it more fun because I can do more with it
SorcerusHorserus's avatar
Awesome! More about expressions was one thing I wanted to include more of in the head guide but ran out of space.
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