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Princess of the Forbidden Isle

The lovely Rarity is representing the Hawaiian island of Ni'ihau. She's wearing varied fragrant blossoms and the official island 'flower' Ni'ihau shell!

Paint Tool SAI- 31hr
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FlowerRarityDetails by SorcerusHorserus

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More of a Sayu than a Mayday, honestly.

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Nice art work you did.
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Damn she is pretty.
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She's quite the beauty, isn't she?
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She'd totally do that, too. Somehow, the colour combination looks good on her, but then again, she seems to make anything work. Also, the face - not duckface, thankfully, but something much, much better, more Rarity, and accomplishing the duckface's desired effect far better than it ever could. Well done.
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SorcerusHorserus This is absolutely beautiful :heart:
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Rarity looks beautiful with flowers. :) (Smile) 
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Absolutely gorgeous, as always! I especially love the detail work on the flowers around her neck. I'm having a little trouble following what her mane is supposed to be doing there, though.

Heh, which reminds me to wonder which island Dash could represent... None of them have blue as their color, but I suppose she could work for Kaho'olawe's gray... and its recent history as an aerial bombing target... >_>;
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Oooookkaaayyy... That's crazy. The level of detail, the precision!
The colour, expression, texture... I just... Speechless. Truly *Awesome* :D
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Rarity looks lovely and somewhat reminds me of Helen of Troy.
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Awesome work. She looks amazing.
Lunar-White-Wolf's avatar
So cute and beautiful! Amazing work!
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The two previous instances of this serie of pictures were gorgeous...and you deliverd as well in this one.

Keep it up, dude ^^
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Impressive work. Very well done. 
templar127's avatar
Simply GORGEOUS!!!
VERY nice detail and lighting. :)
jyroman53's avatar
Sooo Fabulous !!!!!!!!
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She looks so beautiful here... Thank you for this.
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Gorgeous. An air of native, exotic, and refreshing royalty! Diamond eyes to get lost in, warm sunset colors in the back(or maybe volcanic?), and stupendous floral accessories
Awww, Hawaii, been to a few of the islands this summer
Good memories, unforgettable experiences

Also, Rarity is one of my fav. ponies
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Omg that hair is gorgeous :_)
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