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Pony Expressions!

Expression sketch requests from Twitter! Thank you to everyone who sent in suggestions!

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BrightBulb13's avatar

love this collection of expressions

i especially like little starlight in that little sweater and toy rabbit i almost died from cuteness

KabegamiTheGreat's avatar
Uh oh, Trixie found a seductive twilight in her hat? xD
Lionroo's avatar
Such cute Gilda  drawings! <3 
an idea could be fluttershy doing magic tricks and angle comes out of the hat ( much original )
Full colored, detailed versions of Applejack in the middle row and Gilda in the bottom row would be great, if I may make a suggestion.
Tiamatshapeshifter's avatar
Definitely something I need in my art quests.
julian0123's avatar
Cute and funny sketches :D
Nightmare-King's avatar
You do realize your Pony Express reference in your title yes? Plz say you knew it!:D
KitlynSolstice's avatar
is the last one after Pinkie Starlight?
KitlynSolstice's avatar
Would you be okay with me Coloring it as long as i don't upload it she looks so cute and i just wanna color her
DarthWill3's avatar
Cute and awesome, my friend!
TwigglyWigglyWorld's avatar
Fluttershy with the hot mug reminds me a lot of how I am on a cold morning with a cup of tea and I just love the sketch of Twilight in the center. ^-^
Duckranger's avatar
This is awesome! Not only that but really useful. Sometimes it's hard to imagen certain expressions on ponies, so this will really come in handy when drawing thanks :D
Keethryn's avatar
How long did this take?
SorcerusHorserus's avatar
Around 5 hours, I think.
Keethryn's avatar
Soirema-pl's avatar
dat Twilight ..! epic
ABrightSide's avatar
I think my favorite one it the Twilight and Trixie one. Mostly because it's so weird. :)
ILM126's avatar
Wow, those expressions are awesome :)
Too bad I missed out on the Twitter requests :P
Next time ^_^
Blackfoxx777's avatar
So...many....Can't....pick favorite.
False-Axiom's avatar
Wow. All of these look really cute! Well done!! :D
Kyoshyu's avatar
Ahaha, love the expressions. :D
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