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My Little Sleepover

"It's 3 AM! Aren't you going to sleep?"
"Can't. Video games."
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I know it's old but this is one of my favourite pieces of fanart. It captures their personalities and relationships perfectly, and I love the art style!
so what game are they playing?
Gotta say these appearances really fit the main six as humans more than some other depictions I'm seen
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They look so great!
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Is this by you, too? If so, they didn't link you, and I couldn't find this pic anywhere. Help?
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It's an edit someone made of the original. I'm not sure who made it. Someone uploaded it to Derpibooru.
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But I need my beauty sleep. XD
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iiiiiiiiiiiii llllllllllllooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee tttttthhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiissssssssss :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: 
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Great designs on the Mane Six!
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Now THIS is how they should have been dressed in EQG.  Only thing I'd change would be to give Twi a turtleneck.
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I actually forgot that you've drawn Fluttershy with braces. It really is adorable. =)
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oh it's like that scene from the second movie except not at all XD

awesome designs X3 
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hahaah yes yes it is
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Chibi Rarity Icon: Aren't you guys even remotely tired?
Chibi Pinkie Pie Icon: Nope.
Chibi Rainbow Dash Icon : Plus, there's no way am I stopping on a winning streak.
Chibi Fluttershy Icon: Oh, she's not lying! She'll do...oh no! I'M GONNA DIE!!!!
Chibi Applejack Icon: I ain't tired even the slightest.
Chibi Twilight Sparkle Icon: Watching other people do stuff is fun!
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I miss the day when we were home and played video games with friends, and it was very socially. Now today we are akwardly sitting alone at home playing online games on the pc or ps3/4 via internet/network or whatever using headphones and mic to hear and talk to people that we must imagine.

Snes for the win.
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Why AJ not play?
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So awesome!:D (Big Grin) Clap  Heart-Kay
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Super Nintendo with GamerShy
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Which game are they playing? F-Zero? I think, F-Zero would be RD's #1 choice of SNES games to play against others at a sleepover.

...Yay for F-Zero!
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Oh, silly Rarity...everypony knows that sleepovers aren't for sleeping! ;P
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Someone recolored your art and is claiming it…
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