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Let's Get this Airshow Started!


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Dash Academy 6- The Secrets We Keep 16 by SorcerusHorserus
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Love this one!
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I like how the fireworks match the Wonderbolt's mane colors ouo
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Have I got the perfect song to go with this:…

Adopted by The Blue Angels, as you've just seen. :D
SorcerusHorserus's avatar
Yesssss. Love 80s rock! Now I'm wondering if the blue/yellow design of the Wonderbolts costume is a nod to The Blue Angels.
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I think it's an absolute certainty! The colour scheme is just too close for it to be a coincidence. :)

Every time I see The Wonderbolts, I keep thinking of Van Halen. Especially the song I linked here! That, and Top Of The World as well. :D
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Spitfire - born show-mare! Trixie could learn a lot from her!
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So just how old is Spitfire in your comic? I thought she and Rainbow Dash were similar ages.
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Spitfire is the head (or some other high rank) of the Wonderbolt Academy and Rainbow just started there, so they have at least 5 to 10 years in difference.
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Aherm, yes, I believe if you check the source material, you'll find that the original quote was in fact, "Let's get this AIRshow started". Mmmyes.

*gets b&*
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Very cool!! Love the perspective on it ^_^
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Thank you, Envirotech!
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