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Let's Draw: Pony Heads! Tutorial #1

May's pony anatomy tutorial! It is funded by Patreon. Thank you for your support!

Other tutorials:

Let's Draw: Pony Bodies!

Sorc Art Tips- Expressions: Keeping Eye Shape!

Let's Draw: Pony Wings!

Let's Make: A Pony Picture!

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Heh guess I am wayyyyyy to late to start drawing with a proper pad, but thankfully this guide is still here for us to refer to.

My latest proper full body piece was this one (and my 18th pony drawing with pad), doing the 23rd right now but still can't get the eyes right...

MonsoonVisionz's avatar

Years later this is still super useful and has taught me allot in the past. Thanks again.

BSW421's avatar

Wow this really helpful, thanks for tutorials :clap:

Necroparasprite's avatar

Good reference for any cartoon characters, not only ponies. But I would try to create ponies with separated teeth or things that are not shown in the animated show.

garnetgewel's avatar
Thank you... this will be so helpful in my endeavors to make cute ponies!! :)
LennyStendhal13's avatar
Thank you for your tutorials, man, they're being really helpful :hug: And your art is simply awesome :) Keep it up! :clap:
lokifan50's avatar
this is so useful :D been wanting to draw ponies now i can :D
we-wanna-see-rule-63's avatar
So helpful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
spydigger's avatar
I need to figure out how to get better somehow...
kamikaze-djali's avatar
This is very well thought out. Thanks!
LoganDark2's avatar
I really need help drawing pony art, I'm really bad at it lol.
Kmn483's avatar
If only I had the patience...
Villagerpony13's avatar
Omg these tutorials are so useful! Thank you! Es increible! 
KiattyKatty's avatar
Thank you so much for this ;v; 
I used to really suck on drawing the iris's
But now I'm good at it! ^^
CallieGreen's avatar
Thank you so much for this! I have been trying to draw ponies for years but could never find the right Tutorial for me, Thanks for all these details, Now, I'm actaually drawing something that looks like a pony!
BlackLight2015's avatar
Thanks to your tutorial I can make little oc ponies
CubeEffect's avatar
Can you even erase the sphere's so it would look good?
also was it okay if the circles were not perfect?
(I am confused on the second part of this tutorial)
Articunos-Bitch's avatar
I want you to know that I am using your guides to develop my drawing(circles give me trouble, so i started out with ZERO skill). There is a definite improvement in my work already, and I want to thank you Madam Artist. I could not have done it without you.
CriminallyNerdy's avatar
I am so happy that you decided to work on this art tutorial! I've been struggling to learn how to draw the ponies in a way that gives them justice. But when I looked at your tutorial, I'm actually understanding how their anatomy works better.

If you want any ideas on what other tutorials to make, I'd suggest making tutorials on how to draw fillies, foals, stallions, alicorns and maybe even Discord but in the MLP style of course.
BeatHAZARD's avatar
I thank you so much this helped me out alot all your tutorials did
PlotTwistthePegasus's avatar
I hope to make good use of this.
RauTaketJu13's avatar
Yay, that really helps :3
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