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How Equestria Was Made

Ever wonder what goes into making one of these comics? Here's the step-by-step process of making "Dash Academy 2, Part 3" ([link])

:bulletblue: Step 1: Script and sketches. Sketches are scanned and positioned on the canvas in Corel Painter 11.

:bulletblue: Step 2: Character lineart. The eraser tool is used to sharpen lines.

:bulletblue: Step 3: Background lineart, with lots of perspective guidlines.

:bulletblue: Step 4: Character coloring. A really fun part! This is when characters get shaded, too. (Note: As of the recent strips I save the character shading for Step 6)

:bulletblue: Step 5: Character lineart coloring (I didn't do this in the first two strips but it looks soooo much nicer!) The lines are on their own layer and then I check 'preserve transparency' to color on only the lines.

:bulletblue: Step 6: Background colors (the most time-consuming step!) Background lineart is also colored. Environment lighting/highlights/shading is done after the background is colored.

:bulletblue: Step 7: Dialogue placement and speech bubbles

And then it's off to DA to submit!

I'm still new to comic-making, so this method could definitely be optimized to save time. If you have experience with this, critique is most appreciated!
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Wow, I'm impressed!
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Wow, that still looks complicated!
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Wow, that still looks complicated!
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geez after seeing all this hard work I now truly under stand how long it take you to post. I respect you now I shall be patient!
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how did you change the black outline to a different color? what command is it?
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In SAI, you check the 'preserve opacity' box under the opacity slider. In Photoshop there's the lock opacity icon above the layers.
An alternative method is to make a clipping group layer above the black line art.
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or just use the fill tool
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How did you insert the line art for the sketch?
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I scanned the sketches and then copy/pasted them into the program. Now, I draw the sketches in the program digitally.
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This is an epic tutorial! I have read all the comics you currently have, and they are amazing works of art- both with drawings and literature. I love your work and owe you one for lighting up my days... keep going strong!
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you kow in the coulored section with no speech i just pictured rd groaning like 1.ugggh 2.uggh 3.uggggh 4.*beats up gilda* 5.UGGGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i love how you made DETENTION on the chalk board very clear.
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Wow! This looks so simple! You made me want submit my art on here. :iconfluttershyyayplz: BTW I just love dash academy. Keep up the good work!
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Thanks for uploading this! It should at least give me an idea of where to start if I ever get around to making my own stuff! Which I really want to do but lack major skills.

A few questions,

What programs do you use for this?
What equipment do you use? (Pens, paper or something more techy? I really have little idea of what there is out there for techy stuff!)
and finally
Do you have more step-by-step process of making stuff?

Oh and i forgot to say Great comic!!!

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Thanks! I'm glad it was helpful. I have a newer-ish but still old step-by-step here: [link]
My process is now entirely digital. Your other questions are answered by my front page FAQ.
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This is one of the most useful tutorials I've ever seen! Good job Sorcerus! <3
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Thanks, Brollyhero93!
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you Shoul be doo this tutorial again becouse your Stile it's SOOOmuch bether Now
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Thanks! I'd like to redo it sometime.
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