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Speedpaint. Trying out a new style.
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You got the legs wrong.
CosmicHunter89's avatar
Awww, Flutters!
Don't worry, I bet that the amazing monk-pony, Cosmo Voltage, is nearby and will save you! :D
Pangerfly's avatar
Nuuu I'll catch you!
SilverRattler's avatar
Dis is soooooo adorable!
EllyCooArts's avatar
Well I imagined Fallershy...
SorbetBerry's avatar
this is awesome :D you're improving so much!
SorcerusHorserus's avatar
Thanks, SorbetBerry! It's fun to experiment with different techniques. I should make more time for it.
SorbetBerry's avatar
haha! keep practicing, i'd love to see it! :D
Ahhhh, be my mentor please! xD
Sapphire-Pony's avatar
So pretty! I love how you outlined her with her eye color! Nice touch :)
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nuggetporn's avatar
You should try drawing stuff other than look like you could be a great artist
cindersflame's avatar
I thought she already is one
nuggetporn's avatar
She only draws ponies. that won't help her improve
EllyCooArts's avatar
Hey! You CANimprove with ANYTHING! And you didn't improve at all, IF phonies don't make you improve, why would strange creatures doodles do?
nuggetporn's avatar
They are from my imagination. 
EllyCooArts's avatar
Well he invents his ponies, is that OK with you?
Wah, that's what you imagin? o.O creeeepy...
nuggetporn's avatar
What's creepy is your spelling. Bye!
nuggetporn's avatar
those are all ponies.
I see massive improvement, dunno about you.
nuggetporn's avatar
yeah but shes copying a style. why not draw your own material? it's sad that she spends her time drawing horses from a show for 5 year old girls.
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Keep in mind that this DeviantArt account is solely for my FiM-related pony art. Besides that, I make educational illustrations (primarily zoological) for science textbooks/websites and the like. I enjoy drawing ponies and I enjoy making 'serious' art as well. I agree that artists should be versatile, but don't discount fan-related works. Since starting Dash Academy, I've learned a tremendous amount about both digital art and comic-making. Those skills carry over to my scientific illustrations and whatever else I create. I don't see the things I learn from making fan-art as any less valid than the things I've learned from doing life drawing or scientific art. I get enjoyment out of making art regardless of the topic.
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Artists can draw whatever they want.
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