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Firefly! for BronyCAN

My contribution to the BronyCAN charity artbook cover!
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She's very beautiful
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Hi sorcerushorserusI'm going to be doing a video review on the original MLP Special and I was wondering I could use this picture in there? I'll give you the credit for making this picture.
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Cool. Firefly kicks ass
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I AM SO IN LUB WITH UR VERSION OF FIREFLY I LUV HER SM................. i used to be hardcore flutterdash BUT FIREFLY AND DASH R SO PERFECT..... WwTF................ you are so amazinv at comics omg omg i literally read it all at work today i was so enamoured!!!!!!! luvvvvv
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Cute and awesome!
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Yay~!! Firefly~!! So adorable!Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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I really love your version of Firefly, she's just so awesome
Her caring, hs senior, mature personality, hoofball team-dynamic, and honesty are great characteristics. Her romance with Rainbow Dash in your webcomic, love and ship it a lot. Her design too is sporty appealing. Her energy too. 

Even tho things are in 'free-fall' I'm glad to continue reading your webcomic.  
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AAAAWWWW (I LOVE IT) Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Hnng!! Soo cute!! <3
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It's really cute!

:D To be honest Firefly is not canon as Rainbow dash's mother. I lost a bet. :p Whatever 
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She be a cute firefly hirse! X3
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Beautiful work.

Now officially canon that she is NOT Dash's mom. I bet many fans cried.
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Muy adorable as always!
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Great character.
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Isn't Firefly supposed to be Rainbow Dash's mom? Then why did they make that new mom for her for no reason?
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