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Dash Academy Chapter 7 - Free Fall #6

Derpy visits the school nurse.

Longest Dash Academy yet!

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droidgirl's avatar

Oh, god. I guess I figured it out.:D

Kalenz123's avatar
Firefly spreading her legs like a boss and showing off all her assets. 
NightDweller-99's avatar
When Pierce and Derpy appeared in their first panel together, I thought "Surely this wont end up like I think it will."  I got to say, I'm loving the PG-13 aspect to this comic.
TriforceOfWill's avatar
That doesn't sound good...
NeonlightTheLighthog's avatar
stomach flu? ok that seems more than stomach flue....hmm....vomating, queezy....oh no....THAT UNICORN IS GONNA PAAAAAY!!!!!!
MelralCT-3718's avatar
Took a few moments to realize she's pregnant
Daggerbeak's avatar
Oh Derpy...oh no...
Athena-Moena's avatar
Oh Jesus just reading this for the first time and oh god flashbacks of the night with p-whateverhisnamewasidc ...

I literally cupped my hands over my mouth like "Oh god...oh no...oh f**k...oh...god...derpy...ah. why. you. no i. nkosanfienkjalnwidnsk

Goldenquillmlp's avatar
*psst this might be spoilers* I think Derpy isn't sick cuz of stomach flu... I think she's preggers!
Ferwolf99's avatar
oh god... is there a dinky in the ditsy?
CharlyDasher's avatar
That pony head looks SO creepy... 0_0
Naehja's avatar
Ho no.
Poor Derpy
GeneralRommel64's avatar
poooooor derpy
though i got a feeling its not JUST the stomach flu
TemmiethePyro's avatar
its probably not stomach flu she looks WAY to freaked out for it to be stomach flu
Oh nooo... oh no I know whats gonna happen... Holy hell that is terrible.
joltster109's avatar
Not gonna look in the comments.... but I have a BAD feeling...
exanthony's avatar
yeah you'll REMEMBER FOREVEEEERR..... omg poor derpy...
Twinkel13's avatar
ohhh no.. well, that was all that was left to happen to make this an official high school drama
SwagFeather's avatar
Dude, we were on the subject of tuna, not lesbians or Stormball.
MiragePotato's avatar
lets just say she have the power of two ponies
ba dum pss
but seriusly crush the balls of that pony until he scream so piercy he shatters stones
folklore17's avatar
Kill that unicorn BASTARD!!!
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