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Dash Academy Chapter 7 - Free Fall #3

On the train ride home, Dash and Firefly share an intimate moment.

Rated PG-13 for magical horses kissing.
See the version without content warning here.

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Thewuclown's avatar
Wow , this is soooo rainbow
kittensouffle's avatar
holy crap, was that a Y2K reference? this comic is awesome
TriforceOfWill's avatar
All of the yes
And cute ponies
(I promise I'm not as creepy as I sound ^^;)
roseswirl78's avatar
no wonder she has rainbow hair
NeonlightTheLighthog's avatar
aha, I see what your saying there
roseswirl78's avatar
Yeah but I wasn't trying to be rude
NeonlightTheLighthog's avatar
oh nnonoo, you wernt being rude at all! you were just mmaking a tiny little joke, no biggie, if it makes you feel better i know what the rainbow feels like, and what your saying deffinatly isnt rude whatsoever
roseswirl78's avatar
SubOlek's avatar
You are taking too serious
Daggerbeak's avatar
Gah, they're so cute!
CosmicReader's avatar
Love I tell u, LOVE!!!
SparkingAround's avatar
Hhgff o my goshness
AntoCraftera-YT's avatar
Everyone is talking about how they think RD is bi and how they dont think she's lesb but they do like the comic. And im here like "I dont even watch my little pony"
RainbowGirlDrawsZ's avatar
same. well i don’t watch it anymore.
joltster109's avatar
Then why are you even here? xDDD 
AntoCraftera-YT's avatar
Cant I enjoy the gayness and drama of this wonderful comic qvq
GeneralRommel64's avatar
Dash thinks you stink icon =:iconi-am-gayplz: in this story, and much more to come... i don't like it
Dash Nopes:iconsays3plz: IN REAL LIFE IM NOT GAY!! IN NOT! IM NOT! IM NOOOOOT!!
PandaisQued's avatar
Wtf man are you a fucking Homophobe. People can fucking love who they fucking want to you fucking asshole
Wow. wtf man. can't people have other opinions different than yours? how intolerant of you. society gets upset over the littlest things anymore, they even take random comments from a website, and find like they need to respond to it if it triggers you enough.
PandaisQued's avatar
You were insulting the lgbt, thats NOT an opinion
actually it is. do you even know what it means to have an opinion? it means he can talk about something, and can share how he feels about it. Whether that is against yours or not, you should respect his as much as he would respect yours
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