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Dash Academy Chapter 7 - Free Fall #22

Dash and Firefly turn to Gilda for help.

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alexwarlorn's avatar
I never liked these hoarse screaming rock bands. 
R-Doll's avatar
anxiety levels rising!
man it's been a long time since I've read this. *chattering teeth*
roxxwulf's avatar
I lost my last account and now finally made a new one, re-found this comic, and I am so happy! <3
CharlyDasher's avatar
I'm so interested in how this will turn out! ^^
DoctorBasil's avatar
Hey,sorry to bother you.but I am just wondering if it's okay for me to translate this comic and maybe some other works of yours into Chinese and share with my friends. I'll credit you of course.
SorcerusHorserus's avatar
Great! I'll send you a note.
DoctorBasil's avatar
Thank you very much!
Anubis-hound's avatar
I can't wait until the shit hits the fan.
DanvilleBengal's avatar
Honestly, there are times where promises have to be broken,  and this one has to be one purpose.  I really think that Gilda's been trying so hard to make Billy and Dash at least be civil to each other, and Dash kinda did betray one of her best friends because of the loyalty to her JV teammates...

I think it's time to come clean--to an extent.  Dash needs to let Gilda know about the party and why she wasn't there.  But from there, it's all on Gilda.  She's the one that has Billy on a leash--barely.  I'm pretty sure that she gave her virginity to him because they are dating.  I'm also pretty sure that eventually that she's gonna realize that she's a member of the varsity team because of her boyfriend's feud with her (former) best friend.  This is a key point where she needs to actually listen to Dash instead of jumping to conclusions so damn quickly.

Of course, this is high school and everypony and griffon are teens, so of course, things are gonna get progressively worse...:iconfacehoofplz:
Nymphrasis's avatar
I saw this was made back in 2011, so I've assumed that the comic was finish. So I've decided to read through it all and oh boy, am I itching to know what happens next :'c

Gosh darn it </3.
You did such an amazing job with these <3
SteelResolve's avatar
Honestly starting to wonder how Billy survived. He's threatening their futures just to be a dick. Seems like all they'd need is a swift kick to the wing joint followed by a push.
Does that mean she's dumping Billy, seeing as Billy is still in this crud shack? I guess that kills that leverage over him. You'll have to find another way to blackmail him into keeping your crimes secret.
MotoNeko's avatar
Zip your mouth Dash. That's not the only thundercloud here, one has a beak. A very big beak. A beak that could leak out any secret when her tallons twitch.

Tell her the secret and i promise ya. There wont be any magic that can save that friendship.

Here's the idea:
D: Gilda, i wanted to tell you. The reason i didnt come to the party was because Firefly told me that Derpy is pregnant.
G: You're not fooling me, crash. I know all about you and Firefly.
D: No, it's the truth!
G: Zip it. Billy was right about you. I'm out of here.
D: NO GILDA, WAIT- *door slams in her face*


G: ..and then she came up with an excuse that Derpy is pregnant.
Billy: *Strokes his mustache* Hmm.. I can use this. Really? What else did she say?
Alexbutalsotrash's avatar
Man dash seems kind insensitive lately.
FreeSpiritCurlyHair's avatar
I am seriously scared right now. ;; I hope things go well.
Startoucher's avatar
Literally every other word is italicized.
I like the story, but it's starting to get on my nerves
ChinaXPanda's avatar
its a very common thing in comics actually, once you get used to it your brain starts to ignore it lol
Kityote's avatar
whoooaaaa boy...
TweshDash's avatar
There it coming <-<
Mikkillerib's avatar
Oooh boy. I can sense a huge amount of broken friendship is building up.
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
Havocarius's avatar
guh I hate this :U Gilda refuses to listen and Dash refuses to give a damn about anything but herself

............. -waits for the next page eagerly-
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