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Dash Academy Chapter 7 - Free Fall #2

Dash and Billy experience a millisecond of camaraderie.

Happy new year!

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Page 12

RD and Billy : Wait a minute,

" Did we just hug "

RD : Oh fu!#...

Billy : Oh sh!t...


TriforceOfWill's avatar
That was hilarious
And pretty awesome too
waffle911's avatar
Wait… Are you even allowed to through the ball down the field forward of the line of scrimmage in American Football? I thought forward lateral passes were illegal?
Goldenquillmlp's avatar
I like how fans in the comments treat Billy like shit :D
GeneralRommel64's avatar
twas a team hug, deal with it :icondealwithitplz:
The--Commandant's avatar
I love this comic!
Jazz-Mania666's avatar
You should have a comic where Billy and Dash fall in love.
nati11184's avatar
that was so nice qwq
xXMLPRainbowHeartXx's avatar
Ahahahaahahahahah their faces
zwataketa's avatar
I am reminded of that scene where Bloom and Tiara were hugging each other in the newest mlp comic.
Midnightdreams3's avatar
The last three panals made me ship billy and rainbow dash 😐
FlareEmerald77's avatar
N4mu's avatar
agreed XDD
thegriffin88's avatar
I'm fairly certain that should be the Coach's call but, eh, hoofball rules =/= football rules? 
ScopeGuardPony's avatar
Gotta love the Halfback option.
SaraSword's avatar
Oddbastide's avatar
There's nothing more nerve-wrecking than going to your Comic Progress section to see how it's going and finding everything is 100% done, from Script to Backgrounds, except...... Final Details at 0%. ARGH! What the buck are Final Details? Finish them! Finish those suckers! Finish them like Mortal Kombat!!!
neneroi24's avatar

What do we do with Final Details?

FATALITY!!! :ninjabattle:
trapezoidgummy's avatar
This happened to me today xD
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