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Dash Academy Chapter 7 - Free Fall #18

Dash attempts to salvage the situation.

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TriforceOfWill's avatar
Damn it all...
Why does there have to be so much drama...:cries:
CharlyDasher's avatar
Nothing happened as planed, didn't it?
rangerkom's avatar
Tears already streaming in the first
Midnight-Lovestruck's avatar
Well, at least she tried.
GeneralRommel64's avatar
im about to die of the feels
EmSeeAre's avatar
Gilda is so mean. They can still go to the party
Its a shame we don't see Gilda in the show as this emotionally complex. It would be nice if this Gilda were canon. I like her a lot more than the griffins in the show thus far, even the 'reformed Gilda' is a bit boring compared to Sorcerus' Gilda. I think characterizing all the griffins as selfish and greedy just to have RD and Pinkie Pie reform them was a little...lazy to be honest.
CPLJohnner's avatar
They brought her back??
SACKBOT33's avatar
Read it before I was a brony, and rereading it, I understand a lot more.
DrashieDragon's avatar
The next page pls :(
Deviatealittle's avatar
neeeeed... neeeeext.... PAAAAAAAAAAGE
Shira-hedgie's avatar
You really improved a lot, thats AMAZING
DrashieDragon's avatar
Poor Dash

Shut up the fuck gilda 
Mimi-the-Potato's avatar
Well, when you think about it in Gilda's view, she really just wants both of her friends to get along. She doesn't know about Derpy, and she thought that the party could bring them all together again. So it's none of their faults, really.
DuckInATopHat's avatar
Yes, but Gilda has done nothing for Dash as of late. During the dance, when RD needed her most, she does nothing. And look what happens. Derpy has a bun in the oven! Hell, when Dash just needed someone to cool down with, what does Gilda do? Takes her shoplifting! And when Dash decides to help a real friend during a crisis (THAT GILDA CAUSED), Dash is the villian and Gilda's the victim.

RD needs to man up and tell her what a terrible friend Gilda's been.
WubbyCakes's avatar
Everytime is see that chapter button is missing, a little part of me dies.
craZ4knux's avatar
Poor Dash. I guess Gilda forgot about the time at the dance when Dash came to her for help about her date, but Gilda totally blew her off. If it weren't for Firefly's quick thinking, Dash could've possibly been in Derpy's situation right now. At least in this case, Dash has a good excuse, if only Gilda would give her a chance to explain herself. So, Gilda hasn't been a very good friend either. She's only thinking of herself right now.
MotoNeko's avatar
I feel sorry for Dash because she had good reasons why she didnt go to the party. But shouldnt Gilda take a moment to listen to her side before storming off like that? I swear once the truth comes out she must feel horrible for doubting Rainbow.
nekotenshichan's avatar
Will you continue this?
So much drama QvQ
weehawk99's avatar
aww, all of this is some drama.  good story going on
cory0brennan's avatar
I worry about their relationships more then 'bout mine
Ana-Wolf's avatar
Damn... I have no words here. I hate when things like that happen.
supersmashflash98's avatar
You're probably the only artist that makes me check deviantart every once in a while to see if there has been an upload of anything! Everything else is just a bonus!

By the way, I've been in love with this comic since the beginning a few years ago! I'll be happy to be here till the very end! Keep up the amazing work! Just wanted to say that :) Cheers!
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