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Dash Academy Chapter 7 - Free Fall #16

Eight o'clock and still no Dash.

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OCs featured:
Todoroki belongs to :iconmlpariana:
Nox belongs to March Gotthoffer
Zephyr Speakeasy belongs to David Baxter

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roseswirl78's avatar
awww sad pinkie pie face
Ganondox's avatar
D'awing at surprise in the last panel. 
QAtheAuthoress's avatar
:[ I hope things won't turn out badly. 
weehawk99's avatar
The updates are a little slow I suppose, but the quality seems to have improved since last i checked this out, so that's pretty cool.  On this page, things probably not gonna end well with 2 hot heads -_-"
SchizophrenicSurs's avatar
Poor Gilda, I totally get why she's pissed, from what she knows Dash could of gone off to have sex w Firefly when this party was meant to save Gilda's relationship with both Dash and Billy and have her stop feeling stressed about them fighting all the time. (Seriously, have you ever had a situation where both your friends hated each other? That's hard to deal with when all they want to do is talk shit about the other)
Don't blame her for this one, she has the right to be angry, just hope Dash gets a chance to explain what happened or she sees firefly crying and thus knows something happened that wasn't filly fooling.

And a personal OPINION but does it seem like Firefly cares a bit too much about Derpy? They don't even seem like close friends yet when Dash was actually stressing over her career the whole derpy thing made that turn to piss, and now she gets pregnant and Firefly is crying for her? :V Again, my opinion, nobody has to agree, but I think Firefly is holding RD back with her obsession w Derpy. I can get being a concerned friend, but people need to learn from their mistakes and grow from them, coddling her just makes it so she doesn't learn anything. But it's just something that's annoyed me.
Miles002's avatar
They are are roomates, sooooo
SwagFeather's avatar
Well, imagine you were the closest friend of someone with a disability. How would you act? I know I'd try to keep them from doing anything too dangerous, because I love them (platonically or romantically, it doesn't matter) and I don't want them to get themselves killed or extremely hurt. It's normal to show this kind of emotion towards a close friend like Derpy to Firefly.
SchizophrenicSurs's avatar
I have a disability, sooo I tend to avoid those who mental have disabilities in fear people would compare. I can't really understand the feeling because of that tbh, and most the time with someone disabled I have the mindset anyway of "They should fend for themselves and learn how to survive in the world, how to deal w it." so who knows it might effect my view on Derpy. But yeah she and Firefly need to personally interact more on screen for me to call them close friends.
Willow-Hazel-Mash-Up's avatar
Derpy is Firefly's roommate.
ivybruh's avatar
I caught up in one day lmao
I love this comic!
It's great seeing the art improvement
catfiregirl's avatar
omg finally caught up 
Misscellanio's avatar
Surprise makes me cringe but besides that this is still a very awesome comic!
LocketLocke's avatar
When's the next comic..................................
mlpariana's avatar
Thank you!!!I love you
MimyVA44's avatar
melodytheponygirl's avatar
why is gilda so mean to surprise 
She has a harsh and quite rude personality, i noticed she really doesn't like the kind of contact like hugs/touches and she is really really pissed at the moment. So i guess that's why.
EmSeeAre's avatar
Why did you change the Billy's dialogue from "Why am I not Surprised?"? :(
SorcerusHorserus's avatar
So he could bring up the promise he made to Gilda (impacts Gilda more specifically).
EmSeeAre's avatar
I guess. He doesn't have a beef with Surprise. It's all about Rainbow Dash and her lover. Lol
SorcerusHorserus's avatar
The original dialogue had nothing to do with Surprise (the character). "Why am I not surprised?" is just a saying in English.
EmSeeAre's avatar
I know that saying. I just recalled the text "Surprised" being in bold. Lol
Billy seems to be the type to poke fun like that.
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