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Dash Academy Chapter 7 - Free Fall #13

Gilda invites Rainbow Dash to a party at Billy's place.

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PandaisQued's avatar
Gilda needs to cut that nail.
BeesMeliss's avatar
It wasn't part of her claw. It was tape.
TriforceOfWill's avatar
Oh my gosh Gilda's so cute! Please let this end well...Even though I'm pretty sure it won't...

NeonlightTheLighthog's avatar
I bet 100 Bits its going to end badly
RavenTheMagicCat's avatar
This is my first time reading through this and at this point I'm just like... poor Gilda. She has such high hopes. But I don't trust.
ZanarNaryon's avatar
It's gonna go bad, and I'm going to scream
CharlyDasher's avatar
Ok, we'll see if that's gonna work out.
CosmicReader's avatar
I hope this turns out well
ThEdErPyBrOnY1's avatar
That last panel is me when I get a game I have been wanting for a while
weehawk99's avatar
not gonna lie, I'm loving the expressions lately
I wonder how a mess the tape would cause, given that ponies are hairy creatures... (esp. when Gilda was catching Dash's hooves with her claws)
joltster109's avatar
Aww. Gilda was pretty cute in that last panel. xDD
SwagFeather's avatar
Come on, we all saw the show. This won't go well.
mnmega's avatar
Yes we all know where this is going.
Attack-At-Dawn's avatar
Ok, I'll be honest with you, Gilda's happy face is very adorable xDDD
goldenheartaly's avatar
I really hope for the best. For Gilda's sake.
JoeBrony's avatar
I love Dashie's expressions on this one. :)
RhiTES's avatar
Happy Gilda's so cute!
MarandaTheFennecCat's avatar
Please continuuuue~!!!Lovely Shoujo (Pretty Please) [V3] 
rilly-08's avatar
Oh hey, I caught up. Love the series!
Gone46's avatar
hey are you dead?
It's only been a little over a month.
alexwarlorn's avatar
Anyone else appreciate that Surprise got into the Wonderbolts before Rainbow Dash? 
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