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Dash Academy Chapter 7 - Free Fall #12

Dash and Firefly spend an evening with Firefly's cousin in Fillydelphia.

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Ah, young love. It burns so brightly, yet fizzles out just as quick.
PandaisQued's avatar
New sheets ey 😏
TriforceOfWill's avatar
I wish it didn't have to...
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yeah, long distance releationships are tough, and they pretty often like idk 90% of the time dont last very long, but sometimes, when being together for good again.....its deffinatly worth the wait for sure, I may not have experienced it, but im sure it would be worth the wait since sometimes waiting can be worth it, it just takes patience
CharlyDasher's avatar
Second panel: Derpy's eyes are straight!!! NOT CANON! :( (Sad)
*Lol, just kidding :) (Smile) *
PandaisQued's avatar
Or because her wild eye is down, or shes really focused
Cutepegasister121's avatar
I hate how in fiction, the couple always feel like the distance will ruin things for the relationship. that's just dumb. if you love someone, it won't matter how far away it is. and it's also cliched as all fucking heell
DuckInATopHat's avatar
Hey, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. Medley is just sharing her own experience with a long distance relationship, but that doesn't apply to Dash and Fly.
GeneralRommel64's avatar
i want it to end, im a man of religion and "gay" is consided a bad sexual thing, only man to woman
no offence
Crack-N's avatar
Man, sometimes I don't know if I've been skipping the comic for some reason or simply forgot about all these events, then I end up going back whole chapters and after reading some pages I'm like "wait a minute, I did read these before"
Lyokoheros's avatar
[To SwagFeather:] 
"Homophobic jerks" oh, how tolerant You are...
Really expressing opinion is enough to being called "jerk"? 
Especially opinion, which is solidly supported by the facts? Homosexuality leads to meany health problems - both physical an psychical - what's even some pro LGTB organizations partially admit. And also homosexuality leads to many pathologies, they are incredibly more common among homosexual people than among any other group. And both of this statement are scientifically proven facts. What more there weren't found yet a possible way of becoming homosexual through no patological way(statements as "some person are born homosexual" is not true, biological theory of homosexuality source has no confirmance in facts. Actually all research, which tried to prove it failed - they were done with crucial methodological mistakes or show rather something oposite). Homosexuality is a disorder, that's a fact. 
Those are the reasons I called this relationship "sick". In reality it was bad for them both. No matter how beutiful artist would try to present homosexual "love", homosexuality is patology, disorder. 
But I never say that I think that Rainbow and Firelfy in this comic are worse or evil persons. Definitely not. They do something what's wrong, but that doesn't make them worst. That just meant they have serious psychical problem. This what they need is help not insulting. And I wasn't insulting them. This what I write in my comments was just concern about them both. 
If You wouldn't judge my comment so superficial You would see that. 

Even if You don't agree with me about this if homosexuality is wrong or not, caling jerk someone who just care about welfare(which actually doesn't meant this what person want, but this what's best for her - and that's not necessery the same) is just act of unjustified hatress. Someone who talk about tolerance shouldn't be so full of hate. 
Destinyblackrose's avatar
I like it perssonaly .. You are doing a good job and its very original story :3 
Lyokoheros's avatar
This would be better for them both if this sick relationship ends... it can sounds harsh but it just the truth. Homosexualism don't lead to anything good. This will be just better if they separate and each of them will find her coltfriend. Maybe this whole lesbian "love" was just an episode and they grow up from this eventually... actually dash already did. From series we can know sh esurely be with Soarin. 

And one thing, which make this Firefly x RainbowDash shipping even more horrible, is that I have seen this fan character Firefly some times before... but as mother of Rainbow.
FlamingHeadphones's avatar
Fun fact, Rainbow actually has a mother that ISNT Firefly, as confirmed by Season 7.

Okay look buddy. Speaking as a girl who is gay, let me explain something.

You can’t “fix” being homosexual. It’s been proven time and time again that conversion therapy doesn’t work, and by forcing a homosexual person into a heterosexual relationship, you’re setting them up for severe depression and instigating a possible future abusive relationship. 

Homosexuality isn’t just an episode, and Dash isn’t even necessarily homosexual in this, she’s bisexual. People don’t become homosexual or bisexual over time, it’s something they’ve always had and discover as they grow up. Talk to just about any person who’s attracted to the same gender and they’ll tell you all kinds of stories about how they had crushes on people of the same gender before they even understood the concept of homosexuality. Hell, I know I had crushes on girls when I was little, I just didn’t understand that they were crushes until around middle school when I realized all the girls I wanted to be “really good friends with” were actually girls I wanted to date.

It’s not an illness, it’s just a preference. Liking people of the same gender doesn’t hurt anyone or interfere with your life in any way. The only reason it “wouldn’t lead to anything good” for homosexuals is because of intolerant people like you who make the lives of homosexual individuals a living hell. You will never manage to make a gay person magically straight, the same way you could never make a straight person magically gay.

I’d suggest simply moving on with your life and allowing gay, bisexual and lesbian individuals to be happy.
SwagFeather's avatar
What disgusts LGBT supporters/members more than they do to you is homophobic jerks like you.
NebulaNyx1's avatar
Long distance relationships can work but you have to MAKE them work. My parents lived 12 hours drive away from each other for years. Every few weeks they would both drive for 6 hours to meet each other for a day or two. Its tough but it can be done.
CPLJohnner's avatar
Well dang that last panel got real.
Pony-boutique's avatar
It's so exciting to see older generation ponies all related to one another... It makes me nostalgic. <3
FluffleLord's avatar
I realized just now that Medley is a pony from the show and not an OC 
ThunderWolfang's avatar
Awww :cries:

I have a feeling this won't end well ;~;
Skyler-Bolt's avatar
Dat celestia bowling ball tho
cooljell522's avatar
Not to be rude or anything-
(I do like the comic and all but-)
Isn't Firefly's R'Ds mom?
So basically--- RD is dating her mom...? 
Aliyaria's avatar
Firefly is not RD's mom, that's just fan theory, and there's no canonical sources of her being Dash's mom, she was just a recolor and old scrapped version of Dash. Firefly and Rainbow Dash aren't related in this comic at all.
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