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Dash Academy Chapter 7 - Free Fall #1

Rainbow Dash gets the chance to prove herself on the Varsity team.

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Goldenquillmlp's avatar
SedaFox's avatar
Another art change.. uh..
Well I liked the old one better but I guess I don't have a say in this
BadPIGYZ64's avatar
10 bits says Billy Fucks everything up...
To mess with Dash.
GeneralRommel64's avatar
100 bits, im wit you
roseswirl78's avatar
50 I'm with ya guys
Sindraq's avatar
Billy, don't you DARE fuck this up. Work together just for ONCE! ...Ah... Who am I kidding? I just hope he makes a fool out of himself, and Dash and Gilda will win this with an awesome combo.
tom117z's avatar
Let me guess, she's going to be asked to join Gilda's team, drama happens, but in the end she stays with her current team coz element of loyalty and all that.

Even if she doesn't know it yet :)
FlareEmerald77's avatar
Shit is about to get real! :D
stec-corduroyroad's avatar
Hey, I'm enjoying the story so far. This is where I got to in between the horrible job I'm doing in the real world. DA gives me something to look forward to each evening!
Extraxi's avatar
Better late than never, I say! :w00t:
zeepaarden's avatar
I love this comic but I think the old style is better.
LuminousDreams1397's avatar
I hate to sound like a stickler or anything... but I really miss his colored vector lines.  Don't get me wrong, I love your style Horserus and lord knows you probably have better art sense than I do, but the black just makes it seem less... 3D?  Deep?  Just a concern that no one will read anyway. XD
Deelfinoiy's avatar
Nah, I'm with ya on that. I miss the more show-accurate style too. Somehow made them seem a little more authentic in a "better than your average comic" way. But if it's to spare the artist's health and sanity, course it's understandable. :nod:
mynameiswaifu's avatar
oh gosh poor hoops ;n;
UnwrittenMilk's avatar
When will part 2 be out??
IDM4's avatar
it is now =)
UnwrittenMilk's avatar
I know and I love it
turkey18eye's avatar
look like the red coach gonna put rainbow dash in senior speedster if she won
Coletrain12's avatar
Don't you mean wins?
turkey18eye's avatar
wins,wons-wons,wins same word same name
Phineasfan34's avatar
Wins= Winning now or in the future
Won= Winning in the past
Wons= Not a word...
turkey18eye's avatar
still same word
p.s i'm bringing it back
Coletrain12's avatar
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