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Dash Academy Chapter 6 - The Secrets We Keep #16

The Junior Speedsters celebrate their victory with a Wonderbolts show!

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The Strip by SorcerusHorserus Let's Get this Airshow Started! by SorcerusHorserus
Holdin' Hooves by SorcerusHorserus Fireworks (short version) by SorcerusHorserus Fireworks (long version) by SorcerusHorserus

Casino background step-by-step tutorial here.


My Little Pony © Hasbro
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hoof-holding. :)
ChocolateCat101's avatar

You are incredibly talented. I love reading this comic.

Myrkin's avatar
Smooth move, Firefly. Smooth move. ^^
TriforceOfWill's avatar
Darkbrother321's avatar
That is so adorable!!!!!! 
GaryNaru's avatar
Goldenquillmlp's avatar
NOOO WHAT ABOUT THE AMAZINGNESS OF APPLEDASH?? Or other ships that ppl might ship dash with... This? 😱😱
Kalenz123's avatar
Since this is basically a prequel it should fit into most headcanons.
The Twidasher in me has no problem with this ^^
CharlyDasher's avatar
And thus the ship began! :)
Undertaletrasha's avatar
Srsly tho, people who hate a ship for the sole reason that they're the same gender...
Get help. You've got prejudiced dickhead-itus.
CosmicReader's avatar
I'm shipping them so hard now
GeneralRommel64's avatar
yep, explosions it the way to win ANY game
I ship this like FedEx; my head sees no fault with this. Raise the sails, this ship ain't sinking yet!
CyberStormXros's avatar
She got dem "do me" eyes
Lyokoheros's avatar
No... just no... You really did that!
They are both mares, that's absurd!
FlamingHeadphones's avatar
Alright, back up your argument, then. How’s two girls liking each other absurd? Are you gonna walk up to a lesbian couple on the street and tell them how absurd they’re being?
DuckInATopHat's avatar
You'll see a lot of that in the MLP fandom.

Unless you're being sarcastic.
Lyokoheros's avatar
I wasn't sarcastic. 
And the fact that "I'll see a lot of that in the MLP fandom" is one of biggest problem with this fandom. Which doesn't make any of such pairings less ridiculus. 

One of biggest pathology in this fandom. Maybe even worse than clops and gore(they are at least condemned by majority of the fandom, while about lesbian parings... well rather not liking them is condemned by majority of the fandom). 
Well fortunetely in Polish part of fandom they aren't so popular... but still are popular:/
DuckInATopHat's avatar
Yeah, well, like any fandom, there's a good side and a bad side. This is kinda in between. I'm on the fence about homosexuals at times, but at least this ship is kind of developed, and at least they aren't clopping.

The good side of the fandom are the bronies who like this show for their own reasons or make good fan art and fanfics.

The bad side of the fandom takes this cute show about ponies made for girls and asked, "How much sex, violence, gore, and vore can I add to this." These are the bronies who ship any two characters for any reason, loose their minds whenever their ships are broken (I've seen a lot of people who do that), and the people who chase a bunch of little girls out of the theater because they liked Equestria Girls.

I like MLP, I often watch it with my little brother, but it's the things like the ridiculous ships (Firefly and Dash I actually don't mind), the clopping, and the, rages the bronies get into that make me want to never touch MLP again.
WaterMelonie247's avatar
The ship has sailed
Silverteamx's avatar
I don't like to think Rainbow Dash as a Filly Foller, but I love how they end up together up this page
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