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Dash Academy Chapter 2 - Hot Flank #5

Dash and Gilda carry out their prank - with unforeseen consequences.

(Before you ask: At this point, Rainbow Dash hasn't yet realized her ultimate mission in life is to become a Wonderbolt!)

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RoomyLEGO123's avatar
Well, that was, unexpected.
TriforceOfWill's avatar
uh-oh...poor Fluttershy, she's gonna be so sad when she realizes that it was a prank...
NeonlightTheLighthog's avatar confused......the Fluttershy we know NEVER freaks out like this
xXMidnightMuffinXx's avatar
Aw, I feel bad for her.
roseswirl78's avatar
awww she's I love for no one
GrapefruitFace1's avatar
I see Rainbow Dash as a good taste in music...
 Jeff Lynne Emote #1 
Snottyrants's avatar
So young and in love, from a simple letter. Well..she isn't called Fluttershy for nothing. Nod Nod 
Persona22's avatar
About Fluttershy's reaction to the letter:
This is Fluttershy in her youth.
Just look at the previous strip when she appeared: She is sitting at lunch completely alone.
Look at her here, she's wearing braces.

She's obviously an awkward kid, that likes things that others think is stupid or crazy (like animals, something that Pegasi shouldn't get involved with because they are supposed to manage the weather. taking care of animals and farming is a Earth pony job, like magic is a unicorn job).
She's the lonely kid that everyone teases, that has no friends, and is always alone. That would explain why she's so awkward and quiet around strangers during the show (and I do mean that seriously. Fluttershy does show many signs of someone that was traumatized from being bullied in her younger days)

The letter might be horribly written, but is someone that NOTICES her. That LIKES her.
To THIS Fluttershy, finding that love letter was the happiest day of her life at that point.
MiragePotato's avatar
huh... this coming is about the transformation of rainbow, from being a complete bitch, to be a good friend
AK12346's avatar
Oh, she's got braces, that's the most adorable shit I've ever seen!
icecreambunny12's avatar
School filly/colt crush.How adorable Dash and G.How adorable.*gets ready to be Pinkamena Diane Pie*
Emi-Snicklefritz's avatar
LOVE the use of older gen ponies for background characters! 
77madman's avatar
*still sharpening knife* hmm
HyperBlossom001's avatar
looks like i'm not the only one sharping stuff *sharpen sword*
Readeroffate's avatar
Oh good, I'm not the only one *Sharpens pencil*
HyperBlossom001's avatar
...A Knife,Sword and..... A pencil? So deadly
Readeroffate's avatar
I was going to use my regular weapon, The Book of Eternity, but I did not want to damage it.
TheFloweyfanclub's avatar
How nice... Threats USeless
TyTheDarkLord's avatar
Nuuuu! Fluttershy!!
Griffallica's my favorite band!
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