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Dash Academy Chapter 2 - Hot Flank #2

Dash gets pranked.
It. Is. ON!

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pinkiepieschoolpony4's avatar
So he didn't write the note huh hmm interesting next part coming up
GeneralRommel64's avatar
the giffons face = :iconmegustaplz:
CharlyDasher's avatar
Okay, that becomes interesting...)
Twinkel13's avatar
Udeadmonkey9's avatar
Pelo pelo pelo mothafuka That was when rainbow new......... she fucked up                                  also brolly                                                                                                                                                                                    

Vegeta OMFG Icon WAIT BROLY, DIDNT YOU GUYS KILL HIM?Dragon Ball Z - Son Goten [Smile] [V.1] YUP!!Vegeta OMFG Icon BUT, BUT.Dragon Ball Z - Son Goten [Smile] [V.1] BUT WAT. Vegeta OMFG Icon HOW?!!
77madman's avatar
Eaglepaw54's avatar
TheRealSilentName's avatar
Yeah run.

Pussy bitch
Tarmist25's avatar
That last face that gilda made though...
Snapshot1994's avatar
Oh.  Rainbow is SO gonna get Gilda for that..
lordmep's avatar
At least she feels remorse.
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
I can't believe it. Man it up, Brolly Brella, will ya?! You lie on your back ... in front of a mare??? She's the same size than you, for the Princesses Butts' sake.
LightningMcQueen's avatar
cus you're so damn manly
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
:iconsunglassesplz:Awwww yeah ... :-P
Extraxi's avatar
I believe this is what they call a "downward spiral", oh, dear... :(

Whoever wrote that note will suffer.
TheLHeron's avatar
Me: I would cry like that.
Heron: Haha! You're too pathetic.
Me: Well. How about you crying for straight five days whblen you found out Rainiow Dash said she has a crush?
Heron: Well. Her crush is actually me. *squee*
Me: Whaaaaat?
turkey18eye's avatar
so brolly cutie marks means he's a cry baby
JezzaRat's avatar
omg, it was Gilda! xD gutted, poor brolly :'(
star3catcher's avatar
Snowcat93's avatar
Poor Brolly, I really can understand him ;w;
bogm0nst3r's avatar
I felt bad for Brolly.
Ragameechu's avatar
Okay, who was the jerk:iconplotplz: who wrote that thing about Derpy? :iconthatsmylineplz:
Senaris's avatar
"razor-sharp snowflakes"?
ouch, that even hurts just by listening
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