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Dash Academy Chapter 1 - Involuntary

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Rainbow Dash experiences the joys of pegasus puberty.

This strip was updated March 18, 2012 with sparkly new graphics! See the old version here.

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dick joke I presume?
Ikarooz's avatar
IkaroozHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, teacher is talking about relief rainfall

oh god, poor pegasi, that´s like nature putting a huge, blinking arrow with "this person has a hard-on" over their heads

I´d wear a belt around my wings :x
Bender1302's avatar
I wouldn't do that. Imagine how uncomfortable is having a boner in tight jeans. I don't think having a belt around wings would feel much better.
Ikarooz's avatar
IkaroozHobbyist Digital Artist
carry it with pride instead?
Bender1302's avatar
Hard to tell, it really depends on the pressure. :/
I might be exagerating it, but these are 2 strong forces going against each other. Being pegasus, I'd rather be a bit ashamed than having broken wings.
However, I'm not a pegasus, (unfortunately) so I don't know whether it'd be that hard and bone-breaking, or just a bit uncomfortable.
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GanondoxHobbyist General Artist
This has going on for nearly six years, hard to remember the humble beginnings. 
pinkiepieschoolpony4's avatar
Oh nice this is a sweet looking MLP FiM comic I like the style its cool looking :) (Smile) also RD & Gilda look rather smooth very colourful /) it was a pretty fun & unique styled comic.
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GeneralRommel64Professional Artist
no hes just spreading his wings because the schools coolers are broken... right?
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CharlyDasherHobbyist Digital Artist
lol) XD
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
Is it time to read this comic? I guess so.

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KevinLK92Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hahaha cute and funny!!
tigreanpony's avatar
Yep still funny.
JustJoeKing's avatar
*comes in the window and starts shooting spitballs*
NorthernSwallow-Tale's avatar
NorthernSwallow-TaleHobbyist General Artist
It's funny until she realizes it's contagious. Of course, I'm still laughing. Pfft! :lol:
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Nightmare-BronyHobbyist Traditional Artist
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love this art! Read all your comics and they were fantastic! :DD
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Agent-Cartoonist Traditional Artist
Awesome comic script ever. :)
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puffi32Hobbyist Traditional Artist
but... she's lesbian...
NightskyMagic's avatar
NightskyMagicHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't believe she is lesbian...
DREXPE's avatar
SPOILER ALERT!!!!! if you do not mind spoilers read below about 25 lines (Spoiler about this comic not the actual show)

she hooks up with another mare later on
NightskyMagic's avatar
NightskyMagicHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh.... wow , I didn't want to hear that XD
i read it by accident :( anyway
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