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Dash Academy Ch. 7 - #3 (no content warning)

On the train ride home, Dash and Firefly share an intimate moment.

*This is the shorter, 'all ages' version.
See the version with content warning here.

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roseswirl78's avatar
thank you for da warning
GMSOD's avatar
Oh noh!
Dashie's getting it onnnnnnnnnn...
KnowMeWanabe's avatar
It´s LeviosssaAAAAAaaahh!...
klystron2010's avatar
Content warning for PG-13? Christ...
SweetBrew's avatar
I come to MLP to get away from PG-13 and all that stuff...
Just be friends! lol
LinkMasterChief's avatar
Never underestimate how butthurt people can be over candy-colored equines.
GMSOD's avatar
The fan art that is PG-13 is often the best because they are not limited, making a wider variety of jokes and possibilities to throw in "If you know what I mean" Face Dr. Bean, Either way this comic is amazing, the Dash Academy Series is my favorite Comic I have read on Deviant art. Keep up the good work SorcerusHorserus :)
You sure are subtle, Dashie. If Gilda hadn't seen you two together before, I'm sure she'd never have noticed how you happened to become tired at exactly the same time as Firefly.
TheWrathOfPurple's avatar
Omg guys, go read the other version.

Its way more cute.

And smexy.
But still more cute.
carriebudinich's avatar
maggie690's avatar
It's a good comic but I thought firefly was dash's mom or relative.
MJNSEIFER's avatar
It's a popular fanon thing, but it's not an official thing. Fans like to view them as mother and daughter because G4 Rainbow Dash was somewhat inspired by Firefly, and Twilight Sparkle's mother kind of looked like G1 Twilight, who inspired her.

I have heard Lauren toyed with the idea of making Firefly Dashie's mother if she was suddenly allowed to use Firefly after all, but I don't know if it's true.
MoppyPuppy's avatar
Everyone is fawning over this comic (even me) but can we just stop and think about how dense Gilda is?
CPLJohnner's avatar
MoppyPuppy's avatar
Blue and Pink are obviously porking.
CPLJohnner's avatar
Not yet acoording to dialogue.
 And Gilda isn't oblivious to blue and pinks potential porkfest.she's being kind enough not bringing it up
Natsu714's avatar
So which one is the Dash Academy "canon" version? This one, or the one with extra panels? x_x
YOSHIofICE's avatar
I would assume the other one, since this is the "censored" version.
Natsu714's avatar
e-e I guess...
Or, I'd hope so.
adgerelli's avatar
i'm gonna be the sore thumb out and say i actually did like the other page xD;

i mean sure its 'suggestive' but man people draw so much pony porn that thats like... child's play -shot-
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