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Dash Academy 6- The Secrets We Keep 9

Dash's life becomes more complicated after she finds a dead bird in the woods.

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I totally ship it. :D
Also, really weird dream sequence.
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Those are cool looking Gilda birds!
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I love this comic so much, I think it's what sold me on Rainbow Dash being lesbian/bisexual
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yeah same no offense
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that moment when you realice the movie was so cheap that there's only two ponies left in the cinema and one of them fell asleep and is having a wet dream
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NO,you monster, give he legs back
yeh they have no arms so they cant crawl, so if it was an Earth Pony then that would suck times over 9000
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Oh man, those dreams when you wake up and are like, "What the fuck was that?"
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That moment when you forget their wings XD
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Or was that part of the dream XD
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I think it's some kind of symbolism.
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this comment is old pls
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Omg i have a new otp!
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"Night flight" YES
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i didnt get this one... can someone explain it?
also, what does she mean with the other me?
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There's the Dash that is friends with Gilda (the rainbow bird that has a griffon head) that she thought was dead, but Fluttershy reveals the relationship is still alive and can even grow into something new and beautiful given the right care (because before, Dash and Gilda did not share anything intimate about themselves, just a very surface-level friendship). The "other me" that Dash sees is the one who isn't afraid to get emotionally involved with someone (sharing thoughts and feelings) to the point she has developed a crush with Firefly.
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Dash fell asleep and is dreaming about Firefly and her and got a boner from it.
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a wingboner to be exact 
a while ago I wrote a homophobic comment on here (and on another page, not sure which one...). I can't really seem to find it, so... maybe you deleted it? I don't know. (I hope so, honestly)
Guess I'm just here to say I'm Berghamar (I deactivated my old account) and I have a completely different opinion now than back then. I'm no longer homophobic and I should've just left this alone. Sorry 'bout the offensive things I said. 
I just wanted to get this said so I could move on, I guess.
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hey i had the same problem when i was a young teenager i thought liking the same gender was down right wrong and that people should die if they do but after years of seeing fact after fact that its not wrong and that it is part of nature i changed love is love no matter who you are with
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